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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cheer Competition 2.0

So last weekend we had our very first cheer competition ever, and after that first one, my girl was super hooked!
(I shared all about it HERE)

Every Thursday of competition weekends, the teams all have dress rehearsals!
All the teams took this incredibly cool shot together, and it just fueled us all for the weekend!

We were going to Charlotte, NC for a super big competition on a super big stage, and there was no way to predict what our little Kitty Hawks team would do. We were determined that they were going to have fun, regardless of the outcome!
..proudest mama there ever was..
 cutest bunch of girls ever!

 Coach SAM!!!

 Sassy contest!
 sweetest girls I know!

 ready to cheer on our favorite big girls!

 Awards room shenanigans!
 Pure JOY when their names were called as Grand Champions!

 {insert heart eyes}

 Our favorite team & coaches!!

 This parent group was just great too. I mean, even the dads are willing to help set-up the photos, and this particular dad's wife is the reason for all these pictures. She's slightly OCD, and she sets up the best pictures. 
(Big THANKS Ashley!)

Oh my little cheerleader!
I'm so excited for you. You've worked incredibly hard this year, and you've found something that you love so much! I'm so proud to see how much you've grown, and you are such a quick learner. The sky's the limit, baby girl!

That wraps up our competition season for this year.

We've already recommitted to next year, and Nataleigh is so excited!!




  1. How exciting! I love that they got Grand Champion and I love the pictures!

  2. So much fun! I miss my cheerleading days. I was a cheerleader from 1st grade on and was obsessed! We made it to Nationals in HS and went to cheer at Disney World! That was the highlight of my cheer career. Ha! Love that shot of all the teams. How cool! They are so cute in their little uniforms. Grand Champions?!!?! Way to go! That’s so awesome.

    1. Oh wow! Our big girl squads are heading to Hawaii & Pensacola within the month, and we are so proud of them. It’s a whole new world, but a world we are loving!