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Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: {3.16.2018}

What a good week it's been, and it's not even our Spring Break yet!!

Anyone else out there having a great week?!

Today I'm linking up with AndreaNarciErika for their weekly edition of Friday Favorites!

{Snow Days}

We had a couple of days this week with snow flurries, and on Wednesday it caused the boys to be out of school. This mama was excited to have a day off from that dang car line, and the boys were excited about pjs all day!

Just because it's snowing & an earmuff headband is needed doesn't mean you should ever be without your favorite bow, right?!
She totally plans her outfits around her bows, and I don't even care!

Funny story...
We did venture out (Thanks 4-wheel drive) to my grandparent's house, and when Carson got out, he completely slipped on the ice. The only thing he hurt were his ribs from laughing so much, and this mama didn't miss the opportunity to snap a picture of his handprints in the ice.
I think this may have been our last snow day, and we so enjoyed it!


I know I've talked about this little chain of deliciousness before, but we stopped there yesterday because my mom really wanted a sweet tea. She had a little procedure this week, and she's still recovering. The kiddos and I happily picked her up a sweet tea & a couple of drinks for my crew. 
Give me all the Peachy Sprite & this silly boy!

{InstaStory Quizzes}

Anyone else out there just loving all these quick little quizzes?!
I woke up early yesterday, & after my devotional time, I so did a couple.

So much fun!

{5-Year Physicals}

Last week I shared here that we registered Nataleigh for Kindergarten. This week she had her big 5-year check-up, and all went well.
No tears were shed, and she was just a delight!
She's a petite little thing. She's in the 14% for weight, and she had a 'big' growth spurt in her height. She's in the 35%. This appointment just made her even more excited about Kindergarten!!


Today is my precious Mother-In-Law's birthday. She's strong, smart, and just the fiestiest PW (preacher's wife) I've ever known. I'm thankful for the way she loves her kids (all of us), her grandparents, and her Savior. She's truly a special woman, and I'm so blessed!

We love you so much.
(Jojo, Britt, Stephen, Carson, & Nataleigh)

This weekend we were supposed to have all the plans, however, our weekend has opened up nicely. We are sure to still have a lot of fun, but I'm looking forward to spending so much time with my favorites!

Happy Friday, friends!


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