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Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites {3.9.2018}

Oh Friday...you know the way to my heart!
This week has been so busy, but it's almost the weekend!
Can I get a witness?!

We have so much planned for this weekend.

A trip to Charlotte. Cheer competition. First baseball practice of the year!

This mama is excited, though.

Before we get to enjoying all the fun the weekend brings us, today I'm sharing a couple of my favorites today, and I'm linking up with AndreaNarci, & Erika for Friday Favorites!


Consignment Sales!
Do you consign or buy from these sales?!
We do both, and it's really something we look forward to. I can find some super cute stuff for the kids, especially Nataleigh due to her petite size, but it also allows me to clean out so much that we've outgrown. I spent all last week cleaning out closets & drawers & storage totes. I took only clothes to this sale, but for the Fall/Winter sales I try to clean out toys, especially little toys like Shopkins!
& those little suckers hurt just like Legos when you step on them!

This year I was shopping for all the swimwear. Nataleigh has officially out-grown all of her 2T swimsuits, and she was beyond excited!
 We love tankini swim shirts big time!
This is the first year that Nataleigh is able to wear a bikini ever because she was born with a strawberry hemangioma on her belly, and it's finally gone. She is beyond excited, but her dad is so not!!
{I'm still more of a fan of the tankinis because there are gross people out there!}

Forever a sucker for all the smocked!!
I don't know if it's because we are southern or what, but I cannot say "no" to smocked!!
Also, this week I was introduced to the most beautiful dresses ever.
These are just the most princessy dresses ever, and I may or may not have a brand new obsession!!
(Her Easter dress is a Magpie & Mabel dress, and we all are in love with it!)


..Top Gun..

Squad goals for sure!
One thing I love about these girls & their coaches is that they pray after every single practice. Faith is a huge component at our gym, and these girls love to support each other!


Spring volleyball starting up soon...
 mid-week lessons are always a blast!!

I ordered myself a QALO ring, and I cannot wait to get it!
My hubby has worn one now for several years, and he swears by it. I think it'll be a great thing this summer at the beach as well as during those two-a-days!


Family Dates!!!!

These are my people. We are all crazy, but we are all together!! Our last couple of weeks have just been insane, and our Thursdays in particular have been busy. We've carved out little dinner & coffee dates, and we've loved them so much!!
I'm so thankful to do life with these people!!


All the One Stop Bow Shop bows!
(If you follow that link, then you'll see one heck of a cute girl on their home page!)
Right now they are offering a HUGE sale, and y'all do not want to miss out on these deals!
30% off by using the promo code MARCH, and you earn $5 bowbucks for every $20 you spend. Casey and her team have bows for every occasion & color & size!!


Somehow I blinked, and then it was time to register Nataleigh for Kindergarten.
Yesterday we got this sassy, spunky child registered, and she'll be starting school in August!
{If you need me, I'll be in the corner crying}

Her brothers were so proud & so excited that their little sister will be joining them.
Shew..their school won't know what hit them when this firecracker hits next year, but it'll be so much fun!

As I said earlier, life has been crazy, but it's been so much fun. I always say that I'd rather life be busy than boring, and God has far exceeded filling our lives! 

What fun do y'all have planned this week?!

See y'all Monday....maybe!!
(Mommin' ain't easy!)



  1. OMG your memes are spot on! I should put a countdown on my phone for the day Abigail goes to college and we will get to expericence our pre kid life again! And seriously having kids in organzied sports just makes me want to drink some weeks. Finally, those Qalo rings are awesome. I love the stackable ones. I may need to order me some! Have a great weekend.

    1. Organized sports are anything but organized in my life. I need a vacay soon. I can’t wait for my Qalo to get here! :)

  2. Look at your darling kiddos! Re: kids in sports, we can't WAIT till our little guys can get into sports! That's how we grew up, and we can't wait to be that busy. Also, those Qalo rings are fantastic! I've got two so far, and I love them!

  3. I love those little smocked dresses!