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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Top Gun Debut Night

Yesterday I shared HERE that Nataleigh had her very first cheer competition ever, and while it was precious & adorable, their debut night last week was EVEN cuter!

This Kitty Hawk was ready!
Her favorite thing was that all the big girls cheered and whooped it up for these little ladies, and the parents were just as supportive. I seriously love this gym so, so much! They also had a blast cheering and oohing & ahhing over our big girl teams. They are seriously so good, and they treat these babies like little princesses!

Then it was time for all the pictures....


 so much love!!!

silliest, sweetest girls I know!

I can't wait until I can show the video because, y'all, it's the cutest thing ever. I mean, we have "Proud Mary" in our music, and these girls have just enough sass for it.

I cannot speak highly enough about our gym, our coaches, and our parents. The support & love that these girls receive every week is amazing. I love being a part of this Top Gun Family, and it has me thinking that cheer mom may be on my resume for a bit!




  1. Could she be any cuter in that uniform...:)

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