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Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {3//12//2018}

I cannot believe it's Monday already. Wasn't it just Friday?!

These are the best weekends ever, but they also fly by entirely too quickly. We were all super busy, and I don't think anyone on Team Hensley is ready for this week to get started!

{insert naptime, asap}


Friday was such a healthy dose of busy-ness for us!
Tennessee kicked off their weekend in the SEC tournament, so we broke out our cutest outfit & biggest bow from One Stop Bow Shop!

We spent some time on the farm with Mim & Poppy, and then I went to grab the boys while Nataleigh waited on Nana to get off from work. Nana had a little spa night planned for Nat!

After I grabbed the boys from school, we went to get my car's oil changed before the weekend's road trip!
We put on the SEC tournament on my Watch ESPN app, and the boys loved this errand!
{Thanks technology}

We then met Joe at home before jetting off to Carson's first baseball practice of the season!

Go Royals!!!!

We then dropped the boys off at a friend's house for a slumber party, and then Jojo & I took full advantage of the kids being elsewhere & went out on a date!
Seriously the absolutely best roll ever, EVER!
It's the Chef's Special roll from Cafe 111!

We realized that date nights don't happen unless there is documentation..
quick photo before picking Nataleigh up!
There is little I love more than spending time with my absolute best friend! He's my number 1, and we really needed that time together!


We got up early & hit the road for Charlotte. Nataleigh was beyond excited because she was so ready to compete again, and she found out the my mom & sister were joining us on this trip!

We literally couldn't get to the hotel fast enough for Nat, and as soon as we got there, she changed into her swimsuit & hit the pool with Nana! 

sweetest little swimmer I know!

While Nana & Nat enjoyed the pool, GG & I yelled & willed our Vols into the championship game! It was just so much fun. 

I then headed to Gastonia to meet a friend for dinner. I'm not even going to lie that almost 3 years later, and it's still difficult to be back in the town that holds some of my dearest and saddest memories. Two babies were born here. Friendships were formed here. And my marriage nearly fell apart, and one of the people who caused so much destruction is still inflicting pain. I would be lying if I said that it was easy agreeing to drive back to Gastonia, but it was totally worth it!
(God is good, y'all!)
He alone has taken so many of the hurts, and He alone is continually healing them.

We met up & listened to another friend's husband's band play at a little local spot....
& these cheese fries were OUT OF THIS WORLD!
It was so much fun catching up with Brooke & Tricia, as well as facing fears that are clearly there for me!


While we were living it up at the Springhill Suites, the boys were looking all handsome on their way to church!

Springhill Suites was an awesome hotel, and big thanks to Nana for finding it for us!
This girl is a whole lot like her mama...She loves a continental breakfast like no other!!

Then it was time to head to UNC-Charlotte for her cheer competition!

Ready to go!!
proudest cheer mom there ever was!!
Nana & GG were loving the cheer life too!

I plan on sharing all the wonderful pictures from this competition, but I'll leave you with a MAJOR spoiler...
They walked out of there Grand Champions!!!
Seriously no words!!

We then loaded it all up & headed back across the mountain!
Someone was tired from all the fun!!

After living in the Charlotte area for over 7 years, we HAD to make a few stops, and while we were getting everything ready at the competition, my mom and sister hit up IKEA.
It is against every rule in my being to leave the IKEA area without their cinnamon buns.

Also, I totally failed to bring home Sundrop, but don't worry, I'll get someone to meet me with some soon. It tastes completely different outside of the Charlotte area, I swear!

Our weekend was so sweet, and they are the weekends that leave us wanting more. We have another couple of busy weeks ahead of us, but we are getting closer and closer to Spring Break! 
{insert all the praise hands}



  1. You all had a busy but fun weekend. I love that you could squeeze in a date night. Also, isn't it crazy that baseball is starting? Guy has his first practice this week as well and it is blowing my mind. I think Halloween just happened like two weeks ago! Ha! Happy Monday!

    1. I’m not reallt a baseball fan...until my favorite little guy is out there. Then I turn into some kinda crazy person cheering him on! :)

  2. I can so relate to people inflicting pain, I have a "friend" who I continue let get under my skin. I was just praying about it this morning. I am trying to let go and Let God but it's so hard. So glad you had a great weekend!

    1. Yes! It’s just the blatant disregard for other’s feelings that bothers me. Sometimes sticking to the high road gets hard, but it’s definitely best.

  3. Hi Britt! I am a new reader and was drawn to your bio about loving authenticity and small towns (my very first blog post was about authenticity!). Looking forward to reading more! Your daughter is ssoooo cute in her cheer outfit - as you might know cheer isn't a thing here in England but I've seen it on TV and my heart is in my mouth some of the acrobatics they do - you must have nerves of steel! :) Best Wishes, Joanne (Europafox Blog) x

    1. Oh thanks for stopping by! You live in England...I could only dream! :) I just love everything about your culture & country. :)