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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up on a Tuesday...

Holy Smokes, Batman!
That was quite the weekend we had!

Even though it was incredibly fun, it was exhausting too. I normally blog our weekends on Mondays, but yesterday I was so tired. I also had to work at the our school's sub-state basketball game, so the priorities were getting life back in order before blogging. 
{sorry not sorry}

So about this weekend...


Friday was thankfully a completely normal day for the Hensley 5. We had school, a volleyball practice, and mama finally got her car back!
{insert every dang praise hand around}
This was the only picture I took/got all Friday, and it's from a friend while the boys enjoyed their "Fox in Socks" Hop. Their school celebrated Read Across America all week, and the Sock Hop was the big celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday!
(thanks Hannah)


Our Saturday started SUPER early!
Nataleigh & I headed to grab Nana before heading to Seymour, TN for some Cinderella fun!

This was at the Cinderella State Cameo Pageant. It was our very first Cinderella experience 2 years ago, and it will always be one of our big loves. We had so much fun cheering on our Cinderella crew, but we had to leave a little early because Nataleigh had her very first cheer competition ever in Knoxville.

 Fun with friends as soon as we got to the Coliseum!

 These girls yelled, cheered, danced, and just had the best time together. 
 Warmed up & ready to go!
 We even ran into some Cinderella friends!
And the Kitty Hawks walked out of there with the biggest smiles ever & those 3rd place medals. It was hilarious & just a big ole mess. 
I'm so loving every one of the action shots that we got back!

My favorite cheerleader!

We are already ready to be in Charlotte this weekend for their second competition. Kitty Hawks are bringing the heat, y'all!!

We hurried back home just barely in time to watch Stephen's last game of the last tournament of this travel season.
Before they could ball it up, they had to eat their favorite Jimmy Johns sandwiches!
It was literally a heart breaker, but this mama is seriously proud of her boy. He's played up all year, and he has continually shut down the other team's best offensive player. He was a defensive machine, and I was beyond proud!
I crashed hard on Saturday. Early bedtime for mama, but not before watching Tennessee secure a share of the SEC Championship!
In the preseason polls, we were picked to finish 13th out of 14 SEC teams, and this team has been by far the most fun to watch in a long time. I'm so glad that these 'experts' really know what they are doing!


 Nothing better than silly faces & church on Sunday!
 Especially when your bestie comes to church!

We then lunched at the mall's food court because 5 kids & 4 adults cannot make one decision!
The girls really wanted to check out Claire's, and the photo op was just too good to pass up!

And the boys wanted to check out GameStop!
This picture means the world to me. God has truly out-done Himself. After the heart ache that my family suffered almost 3 years ago, I wanted nothing to do with friends of any kind. When you've been hurt like we had been, you understand why I was ultra guarded with my own heart & kids. Since that heartache, God has continually put in our lives people who refuse to leave. These kids love each other, and I can't thank God enough. They are truly our family!!

As busy as this weekend was, this week is just as busy. I'm going to be so ready for Spring Break & NOTHING! 

What was the best part of your weekend?!



  1. Your Saturday I thought was part of Sunday...oh my word, that was the longest day ever for you! WOW! I hope you rested up well yesterday! xoxo ERIN