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Thursday, April 12, 2018

10:10 {April}

Hey, Hey it's Friday Eve, y'all!
We've almost made it to another weekend, and that means we are getting closer to Summer Break by the day!

Today I'm sharing 10 pictures from the 10th.
Tuesday was a completely normal day for us.
Our day started off early, and I fixed the boys some yummy breakfast before they started their day.
I announced the winner of the bow guesses, and Anna's bows are shipping today!
Before we headed to practice, Nataleigh and I stopped by Zaxby's, and they have the Zensational Zalad back. It's my favorite salad of ALL time!!
We then headed to practice, where the girls ran the bleachers. It was the perfect running day because it was cool, but so sunny!

After grabbing the boys from school, we grabbed them each a slushie from Taco Bell.

They have them for $1, so it was a perfect little treat!

Nataleigh had gotten a new LOL Doll earlier in the day, so she unwrapped it!
That mess though!
The doll, Rip Tide, is super cute though!

And we ended the night snuggling while watching Friends!

It was a busy, but normal day for us, and we love these kinds of days!

See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



  1. I am not gonna lie I am so jealous of your beautiful TN weather!!! You know I love ending my day with Friends :)!

    1. Oh it’s been beautiful this week. We only have one day next week that will be chilly. I’m so hoping that winter is gone.

  2. Those LOL Dolls are huge right now! Slushies for $1! Heck yes. What a great day!

    1. Oh she’s full-blown obsessed with LOLs, and those slushies were just what the kids needed