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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


If you missed any of my social media posts yesterday, then you may have missed the big, huge news that I was clearly #obsessed with all day!
Best way to wake up!
 sweet little siblings!
Did anyone else think sweet Charlotte stole the show?!
That little wave!!

Oh my goodness!
That sweet baby with his little hands pressed together!
Also, this couple is just amazing. They make it look so effortless, and they are just naturals in front of the world's press. Also, Catherine somehow has made labor & delivery look like the easiest thing ever.
Did anyone else notice this absolutely classy, most precious tribute to the late Diana?!
I mean, they just get 'it!'
I may have squealed when I saw the Duchess' dress because it was just perfection on so many levels!

Congrats to the family & to that precious little bundle of joy!

Now...what will they name this precious little boy?!

My unofficial official guess is James Albert Phillip!

I really hope they use Phillip, but who knows?!
I've seen plenty of sites claiming that the top picks are Arthur, Albert, Frederick, & James.
What do you think?!

[I do not own these pictures. I found them through numerous news sources.]


  1. I'm not being a fangirl over the news but thought it was rather exciting. I've been reading comments about people who say it's easy to leave hours after giving birth because she has a nanny, stylist, etc. I get that, and I'm sure it's easier because of that. But, come on, the girl just went through labor and delivery....I'm in awe of how she's up and walking around nonchalantly.

    1. I’m impressed by how easy she made it look. That’s a lot of cameras pointed at you a few hours after labor. I’m sure glad no one saw me that soon after delivery. Haha Thanks for stopping by!