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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Friends Day

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!
We are slowly working our way back into our normal school schedule, post-Spring Break, and I mean slowly!!
I'm not sure about y'all, but the Hensley crew is so ready for Summer Break!

Monday, the boys were out of school, and Joe had the day off from work. Also, one of my bestest friends ever & her family were in Pigeon Forge for their Spring Break, so we took a day trip to see them.

It was the best day ever!!
We met up at The Island
It's such a fun place to visit. There is so much crammed into this little space, and it's perfect for families!
We immediately headed to Paula Deen's restaurant, and these two thought they were just the funniest things ever!
{I would have to agree}
So we ate entirely too much, and these two decided to swap desserts!
We then took these 5 kiddos to the candy store.
 We took this same picture two years ago, and I cannot believe how much these beautiful girls have grown!
And then someone decided to photobomb!

We found an Alcatraz exhibit, so of course, pictures were taken.

Toy store fun!!!

Somehow the kids conned us out of some tickets to ride the rides, so while Angel & I grabbed the tickets, Joe tried to snap a picture of 5 kids!
Stephen is officially 'too cool' for group pictures!

And they had the best time, and they had so many belly laughs on these rides.
{worth every penny}
Happy faces from a happy day together!
This little boy Easton is so sweet, even if he only wants his mama!!
And Angel, one of my dearest, most ride-or-die besties. I love doing life with you and your crew!

You know how you know if it was a successful day or not.....
We were all tired, and I cannot wait to see these people again..SOON!!

I'm currently working on a post all about my experiences with friends, and Angel is one of those that I truly believe every girl needs in her life. She's also one of the people who helped me the most get through some of the most awful days. The Lord knows that I've been through it with friendships, and He also knew that I needed Angel. 



  1. What a great day! We all need a good friend to pull us through! You had me at Paula Deen! :)

    1. It was just what we needed, and Paula Deen serves the best chicken legs (not diet approved) ever!!