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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Our Weekend..Well, almost

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
Normally I like to share all about our weekends on Mondays, but I mentioned FRIDAY that I was going as a chaperone to a youth conference. Y'all...it whooped me. I'm hoping to share more about my weekend later this week, but life didn't stop just because Mama was gone. Joe & the kiddos had a fun weekend together, so today I'm sharing about their weekend!


I dropped Nataleigh off at my grandparents' house, and my mama picked her up after work. They had the sweetest little night of a bubble bath with plenty of bath fizzies & bubbles!

The boys decided to grab our favorite Mexican food together.


The babies woke up to me Facetiming them because Mama needed to see her favorite people.
Joe was super thankful because a little wintery storm rolled in, and that cancelled Nataleigh's soccer game & Carson's Opening Day. They hung out around the house.
We got these super huge cards at Christmas, and the kiddos just think they are the best things eve!

They then headed to my grandparents' house to watch the Masters & work on my grandfather's lawn mower. 
They then ended the night at Freddy's for burgers & fries!


Easy like Sunday morning has a whole new meaning when Mama is out of town!

And apparently Carson has picked up squinting in pictures, and this was his face in like all 12 of Joe's picture attempts. 
Still I just love them so much!!

Carson's Opening Day for baseball was moved to Sunday, so after church, they grabbed a quick bite before heading to the field!
This sweet team!

It was also Wrestlemania day, and before I left Friday, I worked up our normal pick 'em list.
And Joe ended up winning!
He guessed 7/12 matches correctly, and he has let us all know how awesome he is!
The kids love picking the matches better than watching the show. They get so mad when their pick loses, and they may or may not over celebrate...a little!
{they get it from their daddy}

We all didn't finish watching what happened because...
1. It was a school night.
2. Joe had a 5am workout.
3. Mama was wiped out!

It looks like my 4 had a great, semi-relaxing weekend together. I love how close they are, but I'm so happy that I was missed. I was beyond blessed to witness 1300 students worshipping together. God has been so, so good to me!



  1. Wow I bet you were exhausted but what a cool experience and can we talk about the fact that you had yet another winter storm in April. This weather is beyond wacky! We are ready for spring or summer at this point ;)!

  2. Wacky for sure!! We have highs in the 80s on Friday, and then our high next Monday is 45! Like, I'm not a Spring/Summer girl, but I'm beyond ready for sunshine!