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Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {4.23.2018}

Hey, Hey There, Monday!
It's felt like a hot minute since I've actually recapped our weekend on a Monday, but y'all, life has hit us like a ton of bricks.
Last week, on top of our normal busy week, we had baseball, cheer, volleyball, TN Ready testing, & Joe's new work schedule thrown at us, and I guess there just wasn't enough hours in a day for it all plus blogging.

I'm actually so proud of myself for cooking dinner (finally), catching up all the laundry, and sitting down to blog today that I may just burst with excitement.

Regardless, let's get right into recapping this past weekend.
It was so, so good!


So we got the boys off to school, and apparently our busy Thursday caught up to Nataleigh.
She sure enough made herself a little bed out of blankets & pillows, and she took herself a morning nap!
She & I then got ready to head to my little appointment, and then we treated ourselves with some Mexican food.
I swear, queso & chips can cure anything for the Hensleys!
We then headed to my volleyball lesson, and thankfully my sister, Gigi, grabbed the boys for me from school!
(It really takes a village)!
We ended the night at the baseball field, where the Royals lost a heartbreaker in the last inning!
Nataleigh thought she was really cute & stole her dad's frozen coffee while he was coaching 1st base!
We got home super late, & after showers, we all crashed!


Joe & the boys got up super to head to the barber shop for some fresh cuts!

Then we really kicked our Saturday off at the soccer field!
Cutest little thing ever!
She really is loving soccer, and she was so mad that we had to leave during halftime.
 She had cheer evaluations for next season!

 silly faces with our cheer friend!
 When did she grow up?!!
Top Gun has several more evaluation days left, so if your little one is interested, send me a message!
We love our Top Gun family so much!!

We then snuck over to see my grandparents for a little bit, while the boys went to Just Jump with our church group!

And as much as I love our little family farm, getting in & out of the driveway can prove tricky at times!
Thankful for that rear-view camera because I for sure went all the way down the driveway (which is super long & windy) in reverse!
Nataleigh was praying out loud that "mommy wouldn't hit another pole!"

After quick naps & the boys getting home from the trampoline park, we met up with my mom & boyfriend for dinner!
Someone just was too tired on the way there!

Somehow Carson had gotten a splinter in his finger, and he thought dinner was the appropriate time to have it removed.

It didn't hurt..he's just dramatic! 
He thought he was soooo funny making this face!

We ended the night watching basketball & getting everything ready for Sunday!


When your jam comes on the radio, you just need to grab your sister's sunnies & have a little dance party.

In his words, "I look just like The Miz!"
You know it's going to be a good day when the more serious kid is having this much fun by 9:30 in the morning.

Silly faces & Sunday School ready!

We grabbed a quick lunch, and spent some much needed time outside!

& Nataleigh even modeled some of her new bows!
Let me just tell y'all, you need to go ahead & prepare to grab the May box. It's so, so good!
While Joe had a meeting at church, the babes & I headed to the store for all the stuff for this week.
I said earlier that our week was just crazy. One of our favorite things is eating dinner at home, and my lack of time management last week caused us to eat out a lot more that usual. I went ahead & meal-planned for this upcoming week! 
(And yes, I still make Nataleigh ride in the buggy because I don't trust people, and she would wander)!

We ended our weekend relaxing while watching the Predators hockey game & all the basketball!
I'm not a huge hockey fan, but when the local team is playing, we support!!

Here's hoping your week is just wonderful. We have some beautiful weather ahead of us, so I'm hoping we can take full advantage of it. Pray for us as we are still adjusting to the new, ever-changing schedule. This job change was definitely a God-send, but help us exercise grace as we navigate this new chapter!

Happy Monday!



  1. What a fun weekend :) and productive! I need to get caught up on laundry today. Yesterday was beautiful here so we all enjoyed it thoroughly and slept so well! PS I thank God for backup cameras in a neighborhood full of little people!

    1. I swear those cameras were made for me. I am a nervous wreck without one. These are the best kinds of weekends, for sure. :)