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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday [April]

Oh em gee.
I cannot believe that it is the last Wednesday of the month, so we are linking up with ShayMel, & Sheaffer like we do every month!
This month has flown by, and I really cannot believe that it's almost May!
 These are the questions we'll be answering...
Let's get straight into answering the questions.

What We're Eating This Week

After last week's crazy schedule, we are enjoying eating at home more this week.
We've had Brinner, Polish sausages, & spaghetti, and we have had members of the Clean Plate Club!

What I'm Reminiscing About

Our Cinderella year!

We've had the most magical year, and we are rapidly approaching the end of Nataleigh's reign. It's flown by, and she's had so much fun making unbelievable memories. I'm going to try to work on a post summing up our year.

What I'm Loving

We had some gorgeous weather last week, and it almost, kinda, maybe felt like Spring had finally gotten here! We enjoyed dinner on the lake at the cutest little spot, and it just has us all ready for these temps to get here & stay.
{We are currently on day 3 of monsoon weather, so I'm over the grey skies & rain.}

What We've Been Up To

Normal busy lives!
impromptu dance parties.
Stephen's summer basketball is about to start back up, and he's so excited. He needed the little break, but goodness is he ready to start playing again!
[Not gonna lie..I'm ready to be in the bleachers cheering this guy on again!]

I've also added volleyball conditioning & lessons to our schedule!

Oh and Joe had a huge career change!
It's been pretty hectic here, but we are working day-by-day & giving ourselves tons of grace!

What I'm Dreading

The end of the school year frenzy.
I cannot wait for the boys to be out, but between now & the end of school, we have to finish our State-wide testing, awards days, field trips, and oh so much more. The last month is just a frenzy, but then we are #beachbound!
{insert ALL the praise hands, people}

What I'm Working On

All the stuff we need for this year's State Pageant!
She has so many responsibilities during the State Pageant this year, and there is so much prep that is already going on. I'm writing her bio for the program book, a farewell speech that she's going to be able to record easily, and organizing all the wardrobe needs for my 5-year old princess! It's all going to be fun & worth it, but it's also a lot of work on Ol' Mama!

What I'm Excited About

The Royal Baby name!!!!
Oh my goodness..still swooning over these pictures from yesterday's post.
Can't. Stop.

What I'm Watching/Reading

It's reunion time for my favorite crew of Housewives, and it won't be short of drama!
And the Real Housewives of New York are back!!
I mean, come on!
When the season starts off with a Halloween costume party, you know the season is gonna be good!

What I'm Listening To

Current Carpool Jam Favorites..

Oh my goodness..I cannot get enough of this praise & worship song!
There is little better than listening to your babies singing all about the 'overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God.'

We are big fans of just blasting the radio & singing at the tops of our lungs in the Hensley house. The kids fully commit...until someone 'steals' their part!
I can totally see us belting these songs out on repeat this summer!

What I'm Wearing

I've found a total game changer!
This moisturizer makes me so happy. It feels as though I'm wearing NO makeup, and it's buildable. It offers light-weight, but complete coverage. I do not sell this stuff, but I'm completely sold on it! It's my current go-to product, only second to dry shampoo.
[Dry shampoo makes me function]

What I'm Doing This Weekend

We have our last prelim of the year, so it's going to be bittersweet!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Our Beach Trip!
Oh Hilton Head, the Hensley 5 are so ready to see you!
This vacay is beyond needed!

What Else Is New

Thankfully not a whole lot!


We are winding down another school year, and we are all so ready for Summer Break. It's going to be Nataleigh's last summer before school starts officially for her, and even though my mama heart is breaking, she's ready & excited about it!
Excuse me while I go cry now!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!



  1. Well you know I can't get enough of the Royal Baby and I can't wait for the wedding to see them all again - eek! Love the Royals! I want to know more about Joe's career change when you can :)! I can't believe it's been a year and N is almost done, can't wait to hear what's next for your sweet girl! So much fun!!!! xoxo ERIN

    1. I know! This new job was a complete God-send, and honestly the way it all happened still amazes me. God is just so, so good..all the time! :)

  2. Love Hilton Head - we live about an hour away from there, and it's such a fun getaway! So beautiful!

    1. We have never been, so we’re all so excited! ☺️