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Thursday, May 24, 2018

End-Of-The-Year Shenanigans

Oh my goodness!
The Hensley boys are officially out of school for the summer, and y'all, we were all ready. What a year it's been for these two boys! 

Wednesday was the boys last full day of school, and all we have to do today is pick up their report cards!
 Typical last day of school picture
And of course, they have to be flexing in at least one picture!

In honor of it being their 'last day,' I let them pick where we would pick up breakfast from, and they are boys after their mama's heart....They picked Dunkin' Donuts.

Turkey Sausage Wake-Up Wraps for the win!
These have become the boys new favorite things ever..egg whites, cheese, and turkey sausage!

Also, in the spirit of all things end-of-the-year, Tuesday we celebrated our boys' Awards Day. I stunk it up big time taking pictures, but I was so enjoying just being in the moment. 
Sweetest Second Grader I know!
I've shared before that we struggled with the decision on whether to move him on or repeat second grade, but he truly hit his stride. His confidence is out the roof right now, and he's with the kiddos that are more his age. 
Oh my mama heart just about burst Tuesday watching this fella! 
He received his promotion to 3rd grade, Excellence in Academics, and Perfect Attendance. 
I'm telling you that I have no clue what we'll do next year without this God-send. Ms. Little was truly sent to us, and she is the reason that this boy has the confidence that he has. He's blossomed into such a leader, and it's no secret that he thinks Ms. Little hung the moon. She made school so fun that even on days when I said I would let him miss for something fun {like a Dollywood trip with his brother} he chose to go be with his class instead. I could never speak highly enough for this teacher, and I could never thank her enough!

We then jetted across the school for Stephen's awards ceremony, and this is where I stunk it up! I took 1 video during the ceremony because we really didn't know what or if he would get anything, but he got the Language Arts award for one of the top 2 averages in LA for his class. He also got an Excellence in Academics award, and he was slightly disappointed because he too had perfect attendance until bronchitis hit him just a few weeks ago.
These sweet kiddos!! Oh how we've been beyond blessed with crazy good friends for our boys. They've truly made friends for life, and these are kids that push them to be better!
Oh, and little sister perks!
She thinks she's one of the big kids, and this sweet girl always makes Nataleigh feel beyond special!
Oh Kadence, Nataleigh looks up to you so much!
And we did snap the quickest family picture, and just like us, it's so not perfect!
When I shared this on Instagram, I shared the caption, "completely flawed, but wholly loved."
That's what we are. We love big, and I know that Joe & I are crazy proud of those boys!

So, bring on Summer 2018!
We are so ready for you!
I know that this girl is so ready to have her big brothers home with her all day, but I'm also sure that by the middle of June she'll be ready for them to go on to school!

This is a big summer for Team Hensley. It's our last summer before all 3 babies are in school. Nataleigh will be starting Kindergarten in August, and now I just want to soak up all the summer memories with these babies!

See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



  1. You must be such a PROUD Mama! What a great school year your boys had. Miss Nataleigh should still come do kinder in WA! Hahaha! But really, she will love school so much! Enjoy your summer break with your crew!

    1. Oh she would love having you as her Kindergarten teacher. She’s ready..like beyond words ready! Joe & I both were beaming with so much pride this week, too!

  2. Hi Britt!

    I don’t know you, but my son ,Elijah, was in Mrs. Little’s class This year too!! She is amazing! Hope to meet you at school sometime!

    1. Oh Mrs. Little is so amazing! I'd love to meet you soon!