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Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favorites {5.225.2018}

It's officially Vacation-Eve for the Hensley Crew, and y'all, we cannot wait!

This week has been beyond crazy, but there has been so many wonderful favorite parts to it that I cannot wait to share with y'all today!

Let's get right into it!


My baseball boy!

Oh my goodness!
What a week it was for these Mighty Royals. They entered the week as the 2-seed, and it was a hard-fought journey to that 2-seed. Then they hit their stride really, and these boys were FEARLESS & TOUGH. It was like nothing we had ever seen, and there was truly magic in the air this week with this team. Last night they played the undefeated, crazy good Brewers, and they, as only an underdog could do, upset the number 1 team to win the whole dang thing!
Oh we are just so dang proud of our #22!!


End-of-school fun!
I cannot believe that we have a 5th & 3rd grader...
And a Kindergartener!!

These boys rocked it this year, and seriously I am so proud of their hardwork. It will and has paid off so much.
Now let's get to enjoying summer break!


Nataleigh has been a brand rep for Belle & Rose Boutique as well as a brand ambassador for One Stop Bow Shop. The weather has finally been so warm that she has been rocking this little tank set quite a bit lately, and she was just feeling herself. She 'needed' a little fashion shoot!
 This look & those 'pretty feet.'

And seriously this denim bow is a forever staple in our southern house! We may not wear jorts, but we definitely rock some denim bows of all sizes!


So I shared yesterday here that Carson had perfect attendance for the year, and apparently at the boys' school, if you have perfect attendance, then you are entered in a pretty big drawing.

Somehow, my boy won!
I guess it really does pay to go to school!


This year has been quite the whirlwind for us as Nataleigh has represented the state of Tennessee as the Cinderella Tot, and it is rapidly approaching the end of her reign. We recently got her official portrait, and it's just stunning.
And I love this snapshot of Nat holding her portrait (unframed).
She had been playing outside all morning with Josie, and that perfect picture of my wildly beautiful girl just got me. She has grown so much, and she still has so much growing to do.


My favoritest, favorite of the week...

 Oh my precious Poppy joined us last night for the championship game, and the pride beaming from him while watching his namesake play one of his favorite sports ever was priceless! These two are eerily similar in so many ways, and I know his night was made because Poppy was there. Big, huge, ginormous shout-out to my mama for staying with Poppy's wife, my Mim. Dementia is a mean, mean disease that has wreaked so much havoc in our scheduling, but my mom gave up her seat for her dad to watch. I could never thank her enough!
And I just loved the youth & wisdom in this picture!

If I could sum this week up into two words they would be chaotic & proud! So much of this week revolved around us being reminded how exceptionally blessed we are with the kids that God gifted us, and also this week has reminded us that life is just not slowing down anytime soon for Team Hensley! 

We are all desperately in need of next week's vacation, so I'll be pretty quiet on here! I cannot wait to share all about our fun, and if you want to keep up with us, follow our Instagram accounts.

Happy Weekending!!



  1. That last picture...what a treasure! You all had such a great week! Happy Summer Break!

  2. I honestly don't know how you get time for all of this Britt - #rockstarmum !! Serious Props! (Has anyone said that since the 90s, probably not but hey you deserve those 90s props) 👌👍🤝🥇

    1. Shew! You fill your days & weeks with a lot too, mama! #rockstarmum

  3. What a fun round-up and it looks like you have had the best time at the beach :) xoxo ERIN

    1. I can’t wait to share all about our new love, Hilton Head! Seriously the best!