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Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites {5.4.2018}

It's Friday!
{insert happy dance}

I don't know about y'all, but we are big time counting down the days until school is out & summer is here!

Today, like most Fridays, we are sharing some of our favorite things of the minute.

First up...
This weather gives me all the heart eyes!
Spring has finally gotten here, and oh my goodness, we are beyond ready. My kiddos have had way too much fun playing outside this week, but this weather also leads to one of my least favorite things ever...
So.Much.Benadryl, y'all!
I've had a pretty rough time this week, but I'm definitely not wishing this weather away! Carson also has had it pretty rough, and his allergy shots were a major pain for my little fella. The pollen count being so high makes the shots extra painful, but he made it out of there tear-free.
That brave boy.

Baseball nights are a BIG favorite for us.
 No joke though.
He's so stinking cute out there, and he's definitely a leader on the diamond!
Baseball with our friends is even better. These four were all cheering for their favorite Lukey!

Sunshine + slushies = Give us all the Summer!
I mean, all that sass!
We are all praying now for those teenage years, because wholly moley!!

Cheer nights are a weekly favorite, and I feel as though I share about our gym & cheer friends every week. It's really just because we have so much love for our squads.
These girls worked so hard Wednesday night at tumbling, and it just makes us so ready for next season. Those Kitty Hawks are bringing the heat!

Nataleigh's favorite is stunting, and it is not her mama's favorite!

This cutie got to work on yet another cupie, and check out that fearless face!
Big fans of all things Top Gun!

Tomorrow this handsome guy has a birthday. My grandfather is literally the best human I know! He's kind, generous, & hardworking. He puts God first & his family second, and he's just the best guy ever! Charles Carr is all of our favorite!

Did y'all see that Shay & Erika are hosting a May photo link-up?!
You should for sure join us for this May Challenge.

You know what is not my favorite?!
This Mess!
I have space bubble issues. I like my space, and yet all three of my kids are big space bubble busters. This is just taking it too far, guys. Like I need people in the drive-thru to stay in their window, but the lady at Panda Express was literally touching the inside of my window while handing me my change!
No thank you!

We are currently heading in like a million directions today. Joe has work. Stephen has school. Carson is heading on a field trip. Nataleigh & I are heading to get her new headshots taken & then to a parade. It's her last parade as Tennessee's Overall Tot. I just cannot believe it's almost over!

Thankfully we have the rest of the weekend to recharge. 

What fun do you have planned?!
What favorite thing of your's do I need to know about?!

See y'all Monday!


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  1. Busy day indeed and our weather is going to be beautiful this weekend too and I am so happy about it. It's time to plant the vegetable garden! Hope you all have a great weekend!

    1. I’m so happy about this weather situation. Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  2. Omg you weather this weekend looks amazing!! And you guys are going to be super busy. I hope you find time to just relax. I love seeing Nataleigh pics and Instagram. I love her sass!! Have a great Friday!

    1. Shew! The sass is so strong over here. 🤣😂

  3. Busy, busy!! At least you have good weather to do it all! Happy Friday, girlie!!

  4. Your posts are always so fun packed - you juggle so much! You've got to do one of those day in the life posts / how I cope etc - I think everyone loves reading these as we all need the motivation from time to time! Hay fever season has definitely hit your shores earlier than hours - I was just enjoying some hayfever free time walking through the fields but that won't last forever! Have a great week-end - we are hopefully BBQ-ing - weather forecast is gooooood! Have a great week-end - Joanne x

    1. BBQ-ing sounds so good right now! I really need to plan a day-in-my-life post soon! 😉