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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Josie Girl

I mentioned Monday that we got a puppy, and seriously, since Friday, we've all been pretty smitten with her. She has the sweetest, most bashful personality, but occasionally she just lets loose & runs wild!
She's a cockadoodle, part cocker spaniel & part poodle!

When we started searching for a new, furry family member we started looking for all the poodle mixed breeds, because I have developed quite the allergy to most dogs. I mean, we looked at everything from maltipoos to goldendoodles. Eventually we both want a goldendoodle, because hello beautiful pup, but we decided that a smaller, but not toy dog would best fit our family. When I found this little face, I couldn't pass her up!
She has the sweetest little face!
 I think it's pretty safe to say that she is beyond loved.
And even this big, tough guy loves her a lot too, even if she loves her mama a tad bit more. 

I cannot wait to share all of our adventures with our Josie Girl!!
In our short little time together, she's gone to Asheville, the Farm, and then last night she rooted for her favorite Royal, Carson! 

She's pretty much the sweet dog ever!!



  1. Josie looks a delight! You can tell how sweet natured she is just by looking at her. Humpf would love her!You are going to have so much fun and you will wonder then how you lived without her - great move - she is adorable!

    1. She's the sweetest & already so attached to mama! I'm so glad we finally made the move to nab her. She's the best!

  2. Congrats on the furry addition to your family! She's adorable.