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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Three Things

Oh how it's been a hot minute since I've shared 3 quick things about my crew!
These are seriously some of my favorite posts, and sometimes I'll scroll back & check out how we've grown & changed. It's truly amazing how quickly people change without noticing it in the every day details.
Let's get right into it!


1. He's beyond ready for basketball to start up again. He's had a little break since the winter season ended, but thankfully summer ball is rapidly approaching our calendars. #allthepraisehands
2. He survived year 2 of our TN Ready testing. He's really started pushing himself more & more as far as it goes academically, and this mama is so proud. He's quick to 'teach' you all about all the fractions & decimals, and he loves discussing all the themes of books & songs.
3. He's just the best big brother. He hates baseball..except when his brother is playing. He's Carson's biggest fan (besides Mama). He hates spending Wednesday evenings @ cheer, but when Nataleigh masters a skill, he makes her feel like a million bucks. He is happy cheering those two on in everything!


1. He's found his groove on the baseball diamond. He got moved to shortstop this year, and homeboy has found his spot. He's quick to scoop up everything & gun people out at first. He's also hitting lead-off, and he thrives at setting the tone for the team.
2. He's such a kind kid. I've had several different people at different arenas of life find me just to tell me of Carson being quick to display kindness. There's a little girl at church who has a MAJOR crush on him, so she picks at and on him throughout the services. He's extremely patient and kind to her. He's inclusive & quick to notice if someone needs something. #proudmama
3. He's a helper! There is little that this boy loves more than a day on the farm. He loves putting on his boots to help his dad & Poppy tend to the cattle & other areas of the farm. It's so sweet watching him 'work.'


1. Like a fish to water, this girl has found cheerleading. She has her cartwheel, round-off, one-handed cartwheel down pat! Just last night she even got her back walk-over on a wedge, unspotted. If she has a spotter, then she can do a back walk-over on the floor unassisted. She's fearless, and it's her jam! I cannot wait to see where this love takes her.
2. Oh my goodness. She is beyond ready for Kindergarten. She talks about it every single day. She is going to have the absolute best year ever. I just know it!
3. She is dying for a puppy, and we are looking into it. She wants a tiny, white, fluffy puppy that she plans on naming Dolly Parton. (in true Tennessee girl fashion) Give me all the hypoallergenic info please!

Joe + Britt

1. Joe recently had a pretty major job change. He went from the insurance business to project managing for a local company. He's loving it so much. I really think he's found his groove, and I'm so excited for this new chapter.
2. I'm fully in the volleyball swing of things right now. We are in the middle of all the preseason workouts & lessons, and it's a huge time commitment for the coaches & the girls. I am so excited to see all this hardwork pay off for this year's team. 
3. Our marriage has been through some incredible highs as well as unfathomable lows, and yet we are still here...and beyond happy! We are in a place now when Satan tries to attack again by bringing up old wounds & public humiliation, we cling to each other! He defends & fights for me daily, and I could not thank Joe enough for what we have together! {Here's to a million more years, babe!}

Oh my goodness...
The Hensley crew is ready for school to be out in a few short weeks, and we are beyond ready to be beach-bound with some of our favorite people for a week of sun and relaxation! We have an extremely busy summer planned, and it'll be an adventure for sure!

Thanks for keeping up with us this far. It's only getting better!

Happy Friday Eve


  1. Love your post and your faith

  2. As for hypoallergenic puppy...we have a Bichon Frise and LOVE him! We got him when he was just under a year old and he just turned 13. Loves to play (bursts of energy), but also loves to snuggle right next to you. Does have some allergies of his own, but has not bothered my son's allergies at all!

    1. We are actually looking at bichons! They are adorable!

  3. This was a great recap and great way to get to know you all better - you are such a lovely family and the photo with the truck backdrop is awesome! I love the fact your faith has guided you through your marriage and you speak in such real terms about marriage too - ( there's life for you!). Loved reading some of your earlier posts to about being preacher's child - raised in quite a strongly religious family too where the grand-parents set the morals for everyone I can really relate - but it makes us the characters we are today - you were right - it does guide you though a tricky world! Joanne x

    1. Thanks! These are my favorites to read. I love learning about people & their families!