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Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up [5.7.2018]

I need like a whole extra day somewhere between Saturday & Sunday, especially on weekends like the one we just had! In reality though, then next couple of weeks will be pretty hectic!
Today, I'm sharing all about the wild weekend we had, so #sorrynotsorry for the photo overload!


Carson had his big end-of-the year field trip to the Appalachian Caverns, and I was so bummed that I couldn't go with him this year. Nataleigh had several engagements in Pigeon Forge that we couldn't miss. Thankfully a sweet parent sent me a precious picture of my favorite middle child!
While he was field-trippin', Nataleigh had some new headshots taken.
Oh em gee!
These are so good. I can't wait to share the final products with you all!
{all the dang heart eyes}

Thankfully while we were there, several of her favorite Cindy sister were also there.

Silly faces with Emma!
Lots of love for Rissa, aka Mom.

We then met up with everyone for the Music of the Mountains Parade.

 The Fab Five

 Tennessee's & North Carolina's Tots!
These girls are beyond fabulous, and they have the sweetest friendship!
 Serious chats with Kendyl!
& extra lip gloss!
This was our last 'official' appearance of her year before State, and it was totally bittersweet. We ended the night with a sweet dinner with our sweet friends before we loaded up and headed home!
Girlfriend, I feel the same way about rolling in at 11 o'clock!
Way passed our bedtime!


Saturday's forecast called for rain that I was desperately hoping would cancel a soccer game, but it held off. So we loaded up, grabbed coffee & donuts, and headed to the field.

 Soccer friends are the best!
And these boys cheered their sisters on..while enjoy pixie sticks @ 10 am!
Sno Cones after a soccer game are this girl's favorite!

We then snuck to my grandparents' farm to celebrate my Poppy's birthday with donuts, and the kiddos had to check out the newest baby calf that was born a few days ago.
totally precious

After naps & quiet time, we all got ready and went to a wedding that Joe was officiating!
dress: similar | kimono: similar | wedges: same
 Hoovana Farm didn't disappoint!
It was a beautiful location for a sweet wedding!
 Oh my handsome fella!
 Best we could do for our wild 5!
 Sweetest siblings I know!

Oh if you give this girl a field of dandelions, she'll wish on every single one of these flowers!
LOVE her!

We wrapped Saturday up by watching all the basketball & hockey games in our pjs on the couch!


Sunday Funday!
After church, Stephen & a few of the other kiddos caught a frog!
I mean, seriously?!

Then we headed to a yummy lunch at one of our favorite sandwich spots, Which Wich.
These three were too cute sitting together, enjoying their subs!

Then Nataleigh & I met up with one of our Cindy sister's family while they were in town to see their newest puppy, Grizzly.
So I think we are officially in love with him & this breed.
He's a West Highland Terrier, and he's just beyond adorable. He also checks all of the boxes on Nataleigh's dog must-have list.
Little, fluffy, & white!

After quick Sunday naps, we headed to the grocery store to stock up on lunch stuff for the week.
{Nataleigh picked her outfit out by herself, and I just didn't have the energy to argue with her about it!}

We wrapped up our weekend with some boneless wings, chips & dips, and WWE's Backlash!

This weekend had the perfect balance of busy & calm. We had plenty of on-the-go craziness with just enough relaxation together to make up a really great weekend! It also was full of so much love! So far, May is becoming my favorite month!

Hope you have the best Monday!



  1. What a great weekend. Nataleigh and those head shots and the field of dandelions...SO cute! I hope you had a great Monday Mama!

  2. Love your family photos - so cute! Your outfit is great by the way - the green and the flowers are a cool look (ha - if you see my Sunday BBQ photo you will know why I said that, great minds think alike!). Congrats to Nataleigh (and you) onher acheivements this year - I can imagine a great deal of work, time and training go into her role (and winning the title) - and what great stead it will stand her in for life in general - it looks like she is developing great confidence and social skills - you must be so proud! That last photo cracked me up! Love the toad pic too - I couldn't tell is was a toad first of all - I wondered what on earth it was ( won't say what I thought it was - with Caspar I have come to expect anything). Great week-end - I can understand why you needed another day 'off'! Jx