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Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up +Life Lately

I'm not sure if this holds true everywhere, but the end of the school year is just pure chaos! We've had so much going on lately that I've hardly been able to keep up. I do update most frequently on Instagram, so if you aren't following me yet (@britthensley), then what are you waiting for?!

Today I'm just going to share what all we've been doing and what's been going on at the Hensley House, so grab your favorite cup of coffee, because it's been a lot!

We went into last week with our biggest bow, from One Stop Bow Shop (Mega in orange), and we hit up one of our last Open Gyms before try-outs this week. All the preseason workouts have really paid off, and I cannot wait to get this season 'officially' underway!

We then headed to the ballfield. Carson had his last two regular season games last week, and the Royals won both, finishing second in the league.

Cheering on her favorite baseball boy!
But then Nataleigh decided to play in all the dirt, and she also decided to share the dirt with mama!

Nataleigh wrapped up her first season of soccer with her little bestie, Ally, and their little green machine team was just adorable.

Smarties for our smarties!
She loved the Bible lessons during halftime as much as she liked running around and kicking the ball!

As we wrapped up two sports seasons, we also kicked off our second year in competitive cheer.
We just love our gym, our coaches, and our team so dang much! She's really found her niche, and she's really starting to excel. She almost has her back walkover down, and now she's practicing that back handspring. I just don't understand how she can do it, but she does it all!
{proud mama}

Stephen's friend had a birthday party last week, and this boy was beyond excited about the first swim party of the year!
Bring on all the cannon balls & sunscreen!!

Swim party #2 of the week!

Cannon balls & basketball are two of my boys favorite things!

This weather has been beautiful, and my Poppy has the best flower gardens. Nataleigh was too excited to help him weed the flower beds!!

We surprised the kiddos with a puppy, and she is the sweetest girl ever!

Josie girl, we love you BIG!
{more on her later this week}

We watched the Royal Wedding...oh em gee...along with everyone else!
Snuggles & puppy love, oh my!
 This was too funny not to share!
My favorite picture that was shared! I mean, the wedding had everything anyone could ever want from a Royal Wedding. It was formal, but not stuffy, and Meghan did just the best job ever modernizing a very traditional service. I still can't get over that gospel choir & sermon!

Easy like Sunday Morning, right?!
Not always!
My girl was unhappy because her picture was messed up, and she didn't have time to fix it.
Thankfully a sweet lady in the church helped her fix a second drawing to give me. These are the sweetest pictures ever.
{This is me and Nataleigh, a flower, a bird, and a bunny!|

We've been spending a lot more time outside lately, and the weather has been so good. Popsicles were a sweet treat that the kiddos LOVED!

Hawaiian Punch bomb pops for the win!

The boys are out of school today, and I have a facial scheduled!
[I scheduled this months ago when the boys were supposed to be in school, but our system gives them back their 'Snow Days."] 
Then they only go Tuesday & Wednesday, before getting their report cards on Thursday. Then we are hitting the road for the beach on Saturday. I just don't think this vacay can get here fast enough!

How many school days do y'all have left?!
Do you have big plans for this Summer?!

Happy Monday!



  1. What a good weekend and a new puppy, how exciting. I can't wait for your beach trip, eeeek! You are so close to the finish line!

    1. I’m beyond ready for the beach...like beyond! :)

  2. You Americans and your pools are killing me! If only I knew ANYONE here with a pool! What a great week-end - Josie is delightful. She seems much calmer than our cockerpoos (which in Cumbria tend to be mixed with gundog breed cockers who are CRAAAAAYZEEE). You will have so much fun with her! Your hair bow pics are killing me too - I need a daughter - I am in a full on masculine household - all Avengers and Fortnite and fart jokes. Loved the wedding - she shook it up and looked stunning - a modern American princess , just what we need and a great match for Harry x

    1. My kids are trying to convince Joe & I that we need one, but I don’t need another thing to clean and keep up! I’m dying to visit the UK. It’s for sure my dream trip!

  3. So many great things in this post Britt! A new puppy, facial, and beach trip...plus the end of the year. How exciting for you all!

    1. The facial was DIVINE..like best thing since sliced bread DIVINE! 😍😍