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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cinderella State Pageant 2018: Grand Finals

Hey, Hey Tuesday!
Last week I shared the first couple of days & events from the Tennessee State Cinderella Pageant, but life happened! Today, I'm sharing all about Grand Finals, and y'all this was such a bittersweet day for my little princess. She was such a big girl all weekend, and she was such a great Tot throughout the year. And even though we had talked and prepared as much as possible for her little 5-year old self, she was just not ready to give up her title.

Let's get right into her last day as Tennessee's Overall Tot!

Our Sunday started super early at the Country Tonite Theatre for the baby's pageant crowning!
We have some of the best memories here!
And even though it was her last day as the Tennessee Tot, she looked beautiful!
The Fab 5 for the last time together on stage!

All the magic happens backstage, I swear! 
It was so magical being behind the scenes this year!
Mr. Gage, who y'all know is one of our favorites!
The Fairy Godmother herself, Ms. Joy!
Our favorite fellas showed up to cheer their girl on too!

Getting ready to cheer our newest favorite, Katie Carson, on as she performed her Ariel/Ursula song!
Be amazed by all that talent in that little girl!
Hanging with Lexie, forever known as the Sugar Plum Fairy to Nataleigh!
A little Rock, Paper, Scissors with Malea while cheering on her Cindy Sisters!
And then Team Hensley waited backstage to join Nataleigh for her last walk!
She boo-hooed big time while she was listening to her farewell speech & taking her final walk! It was such a moment of pride for Joe & me. Seeing our little girl up on stage with so much grace & poise was something we'll cherish forever!
It was the end of such a magical year, and it was time for her to crown the new Tot!
Big Congrats to Raychel, Tennessee's Overall Tot 2018-2019!
I think we were all sad, though, that it was over!
Thankful for silly faces with our best friends to cheer my little buttercup up!

And there wasn't a shortage of hugs for Nataleigh!
 sweet Katie!
 precious Bella Rose
And of course our sister, Malea!
 Tennessee & North Carolina girls receiving their scholarships together!
And then Nataleigh handed Raychel her new crown box, and she may or may not have just woken up from a little cat nap!

After all the awards were handed out, we gathered our stuff up, and Nataleigh took her crown off for the last time!

 One more picture with Mr. Gage!
 And a sweet hug & kiss for Rissa!
It was her birthday on Grand Finals day too, and we just loved our year with her so much!
And she left the Country Tonite Theatre, as just Nataleigh Hope!

What a year!
I could never put into words every memory, kind word, and piece of advice we've received this year, and even if I tried, I couldn't do our year justice! It was magical, & it was a learning year on levels beyond the pageant world.

This year couldn't have been possible without our friends & family for the loads of support, love, and prayers! We felt the love all year, and it kept us motivated to keep on keeping on! Also this year was made beyond magical thanks to Ms. Jill, Ms. Joy, and every single one of our Cindy mommies! They showed us newbies so much love & guidance, and we're forever thankful! We had the best Cindy sisters imaginable, and they each made this year what it was! 

This wraps up our magical year, and y'all, it was so magical! 

Thanks for jumping on the crazy train that was this year with us. Your support and encouragement as we shared all our fun was so appreciated! 

With so much love, Nataleigh & our family have hearts so full!!



  1. I loved this wrap up. So glad everyone could be there for her final walk! What a special day for your girl!

  2. It was so much fun to follow along all year. I learned so much too! She was beautiful inside and out all year long! I am anxious to see all God has ahead for you all :) xoxo ERIN

    1. Awe! Thanks friend! It was a journey for sure. Can’t wait to see what’s next!