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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cinderella State Pageant 2018 (II)

Today I'm continuing to share all about our weekend in Pigeon Forge at the Cinderella State Pageant. I shared HERE yesterday all about our first day & events, and today I'm sharing all about our Saturday. 

This day was a butt-kicker!!

We started the day early at The Country Tonight Theatre ready to watch the girls all perform their talents & the Tots take their turn talking to Ms. Jill for Tot Personality.
 Ready to kick off day number 2!
 with our Teen, Rissa!
 South Carolina's Tot, 2018-2019
And we were so thankful that these sweet girls from South Carolina joined us for all our fun!
Getting those last couple of wiggles out before competition began!!

It was then time for Nataleigh & Malea, NC's Tot, to interview with Ms. Jill & then escort the Tot contestants out on stage!

They loved hanging out backstage with these girls!
And of course our Ms. Jill!!

Backstage she also got to hang out with some of our favorite Cinderella sisters...

After all the modeling & talent competitions were finished, it was time for the girls to change & prepare for rehearsal!
Ms. Jill is known for her productions. She puts on literally the best shows ever, so there was a lot of preparation that went into making it the 'Greatest Show!' {hint hint}
TN & International Mini Miss, Katie Carson, were ready to rock the stage!

And there's never enough snuggles to go around for this girl!
She seriously loves being everyone's baby, and who can blame her?!

After rehearsals we had to jet, and I mean jet, back to the resort for a quick change before the next party started!

It's Prince Gilbert time!
Prince Gilbert is the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant's mascot, and Nataleigh has been TERRIFIED of him ever since we started in Cinderella. I mean, TERRIFIED. When she won last year, her biggest worry was kissing this dang frog, so when the time came this year, she had another major meltdown. Thankfully her buddy, Gage, helped her overcome her fear, and she kissed the frog, which brought Prince Gilbert to life!
Completely magical!
Nat + Gage
Story time fun!!

And serious conquering all the fears!!

Then it was time for all the dancing & fun!

While I was busy getting all of Nataleigh's stuff packed & ready for Grand Finals, Nataleigh fell asleep with her robe one last time!

Oh my heart!
This little girl has grown up so much since winning this robe last year!

Tomorrow I wrap up our reign as Tennessee's Overall Tot, and y'all Grand Finals was an emotional trying day for us all...even Joe & the boys joined in on the fun & tears!



  1. What a sweet time with your girl! I love all the pictures. You guys were busy!

  2. AWWWW Britt!!! I bet your heart was melting all week-end! She is just so good at all of this! And the photo with her being picked up by the older ones - toooo cute. What a trooper - sounds like a full on schedule - for you and her. I would so be a pageant mom though. They didn't call me Barbie for nothing at college - haaaa!!! Seriously I need to conceive a baby girl and get planning hair and makeup. And bows. You've made me a bow convert - I'd be ordering them 24-7.

    1. You have to order from One Stop Bow Shop! I swear, the best bows ever!!

  3. Such a BIG weekend but so glad she overcame her fear of the frog, bless her heart :)!