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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cinderella State Pageant 2018

Oh my goodness!
Today I'm going to start to unpack our weekend. It was just so magical, and it was just so much!
So grab your favorite coffee, and settle in for a #photooverload post!
If you've been around this blog for anytime, then you'll know that I am one proud pageant mama! Last year, Nataleigh surprised us all by capturing the Overall Title for Tennessee's Tot, so this year, she was crowning the new Tot & giving up her title. 
My little girl had a B-I-G weekend!

{Read these posts if you want to know how our first two trips to State went.

Well as State Royalty, our week in Pigeon Forge was considerably different!
Today I'm sharing with you our first couple of events! 
As the Tot for Tennessee, we had to be at EVERYTHING that went on this weekend, and it was a little overwhelming & a whole lot of fun!


We got to The Riverstone Resort Thursday evening, just in time to celebrate two of our Cindy sisters' birthdays! We celebrated Rissa's 16th & Emma's 10th birthdays with pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream!
And she even got a big basket full of goodies from Ms. Jill!

Check out those scalloped, seersucker shorts that Rissa's mom had monogrammed for their slumber party!

We tossed the girls in the bed because we had so much prepping to do because the next couple of days were going to be jam-packed!

-Registration & Orientation-

Friday morning we headed bright & early to hair & make-up before making our way to Registration & Orientation.

Thanks to Allyson for helping keep this girl looking beautiful all weekend long!
Tennessee & North Carolina 2017-2018 Royalty Court's official portraits!
Tennessee with our beautiful director, Ms. Jill!

Registration is so fun. It gives contestants a chance to mingle & get autograph cards from the current royalty. My little girl loved giving out her picture with "Nat" & hearts drawn all over it!

She felt like such a big girl!
She was seated next to Emma, our Mini Miss, and these two were beyond silly at times!
She was also so excited that her buddy, Malea, the Tot from North Carolina, was there too.
These two littles had so much fun together, even though they both cried when they gave up their respected titles!
Then at Orientation all 9 of our queens were introduced to the crowd of participants & chaperones! What a group of beauties!
Everyone was dismissed at this time for a quick lunch & to get ready for the first prelim of the weekend, Interview!


First half of the Tennessee Tots were ready-to-go into interview!
Nataleigh was super excited because she got to hand out these adorable drawstring bags that my mom made for the Tots! They were filled with goldfish & water for the girls, and they had the cutest Tennessee + Cinderella 'C' decal put on them!!
After this prelim, Nataleigh was free to go get some rest before the next event, and that's exactly what we did!

-Baby Playtime-

Nataleigh was stoked about this event. In the Cinderella system, there is the Big girls' pageant, Tot-Women (Ages 3-29), and then there is the Baby Pageant, Infant-Tiny Tot. The babies' first event is Playtime, and it's basically where the judges watch how the babies interact with other kids & their chaperone. The reigning queens get to play with these babies during this, and Nataleigh had literally the best time ever!

Sister Queens!
And this outfit was just DARLING!

Oh how I love this silly girl!

-Western Party-

After Playtime, we had a few minutes to get changed for the first party of the weekend, and you cannot come to Tennessee without going to a hootenanny! 
So I'm not sure about y'all, but I died over this little outfit!
It was nothing shy of perfection, and my girl had the best time of her life!
One of her favorites, Mr. Gage, had us all cracking up with his boots & cactus shorts!
Nataleigh just might have a little crush on him! 
She got to meet the incredibly beautiful & talented Janelle Arthur from American Idol! She was amazing & so nice!
 Dancing our boots off!
 Getting ready for the Limbo contest!!

One can only do so much with a big crown on your head!

Oh Angie Lee, your Tots just love you too much!!
 So much Kendyl love!!

Nataleigh really got attached to the NC & TN misses this weekend, Brinley & Kendyl, and they were the sweetest with my little one! She thinks they are the greatest things since sliced bread!
Nataleigh also got to hang out with Katie Carson, the International Mini Miss, who is beyond talented & kind. She is truly a Cinderella girl, and she's now one of our favorites!

This video is Katie singing this weekend at our pageant. She's crazy, crazy good!
Watch out Broadway, this beauty is headed your way!
The TN Royalty had the best time ever!

After this party, we headed for a quick dinner at our favorite restaurant, Cheddar's! We needed good food & just a little break from #pageantlife

Tomorrow I'll be sharing more about our magical weekend, and like today's post, it'll be full of pictures & fun!



  1. So much fun to see all you did :) xoxo ERIN

  2. So many fun memories for your sweet girl (and you)! love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks! We for sure snapped a ton of picturea, but you just don’t want to forget anything..especially those cute outfits!

  3. Oh Nataleigh was so adorable- she did so well! To do the full programme with such a smile on her face, having so much fun and being so great with the other girls - she is a credit to you! She is so obviously cut out for the pageant world - she has such a bright, fun future ahead of her! I bet you are all exhausted now! Thanks for sharing the pics - it was really sweet.

    1. Well she did cry..a bunch..on the last day! Like hot mess express, but it was still so fun