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Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites {6.22.2018}

Happy Friday, y'all!
I love making it through another week & being able to look forward to another fun weekend! Before we get into all the fun that the weekend has to offer, it's been a hot minute since I've shared some Friday Favorites with y'all, so that's what we're doing here today!
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Cheer nights!!
We missed two weeks in a row due to our vacation & then the Tennessee State Pageant, and my girl was missing her besties & her coaches pretty badly! They were rewarded last week with popsicles after working hard for over 2 hours!

 Kinley + Nat = Cheer besties!!
Oh I love us being back with our people, and I cannot wait to see where year 2 takes this little cheerleader! In less than a year she's mastered cartwheels, round-offs, 1-handed cartwheels. Right now she's working super hard at getting those back walk-overs & back handsprings down! She's my favorite little cheerleader!


Swim days with our favorite friends!
My kiddos are basically fish, and they will happily spend all day poolside, especially if their best friends are there!
And slo-mo videos are so fun!!


Now that Nataleigh's year as Tennessee's Cinderella Tot is over, we are looking into other systems. With those other systems comes a whole new wardrobe! Wednesday we stopped by a dress shop to look at long princess dresses! It was a magical time for us, and she was beyond excited about trying on these poofy dresses!
Literally a dream come true for this girl! She squealed with excitement & literally didn't want to take the gown off. She's been bitten by the pageant bug, and I don't see us getting out of this life anytime soon!


Daddy-Work Days!

One great thing about Joe's new job is the flexibility it offers. This week the boys have joined him on jobs all week, and Carson loves it! He begged Joe to wake him up yesterday at 6:30, so he could go 'work' with him. He's that kid that takes the initiative to get up and help however is needed, and right now he's loving spending all that extra time working with Joe, wherever it is...a job site or the farm. He's daddy's boy for sure!


It's Miss Tennessee Week!
This week Caty Davis, Miss Tennessee 2017, gives up her title, and every night you'll find Nataleigh & I cuddled up watching the prelim and the shows. It's our 3rd straight year watching & rooting for all the girls!

This weekend we have so much fun planned. We have a baby shower, hair appointment, and a baseball party, just to name a little bit of the fun!

What is your weekend looking like?! 

What are you looking most forward to this weekend?

See y'all Monday!



  1. I'm a Tennessee girl too! (Just moved to Knoxville last year) from North Carolina:). I used to cheer... some of the best days of my life. Have fun! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I was a TN girl who moved to NC(just outside of Charlotte) for a while, and now we are back in TN(an hour east of Knox)! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nataleigh seems to be getting cuter - and that dress- woah - it was beautiful (she is going to have one epic wedding dress one day if this is what she gets used to haha!). She is obv so cut out for pageant likeCaspar would love to be in the water every day like your boys - doesn't it make life easy to when they can entertain themselves like that? Have a great week-end!

    1. That dress was whoa, but I’m not sure if my mama heart is ready for those dresses. She clearly is though. I think Caspar & my boys would get along so well!!

  3. That is great that Joe can take your boys with him. What a great time for them. That dress! She looks so much older and absolutely stunning. I am excited to hear about the other programs you are looking into. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Girl! My mama heart isn’t ready for her to look older though. She loved the dresses though. The boys love that time with Joe, and they are getting so much quality time together.

  4. Oh, my heart belongs in Tennessee! We had such hopes and dreams to end up in Tennessee, but the Army had other plans. My goodness though - your little girl is such a rockstar, and she is just beautiful in her pageant-wear! Congratulations to such a sweet little lady and fantastic mama for being strong through change!

    1. Thank you for your service!! Hopefully you’ll end up in this great state soon. I’m totally a TN girl 100%! Thanks for the sweet comments.