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Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Favorites {6.29.2018}

Happy Friday!!
We have a super fun weekend planned for our favorite middle man, Carson. He turns 9 Sunday, and I don't know how that it possible!? He's such a blessing to our family, and this weekend will be all about him..starting with today's post!
He is the silliest kid. He knows exactly what to do to make anyone, particularly a crowd, laugh! He keeps us on our toes too, because, y'all, we just never know what he's going to say or do.
He is such a hard worker. His absolute favorite thing this summer has been going and working with Joe as many mornings he can. Joe lets him work too. He will dig or spray weeds or tend to the cattle or whatever his dad or Poppy needs done without question!
He's learned so much through struggles and victories. We made the decision to let him repeat Second Grade because while he was keeping up the first year, he was having to work 3 times as much as his classmates. He wasn't the biggest fan of being back in second grade, but after the first week, he came to both Joe and me to tell us that he definitely needed another year. He ended the year confident in himself, and even though we were confident in Carson, he needed to have that self-confidence before moving on. He's ready for third grade, and we cannot wait to see him do his thing!
He has the biggest heart ever. He's the kind of kid who looks at everyone the same. He wants everyone to be happy, & he'll go out of his way to make sure every kid is included. I was reminded of this yesterday. He had a play date with one of his absolute favorite people, Nolan, at the local library. Nolan is an incredible kid who has some social struggles. Carson loves Nolan, and Nolan is one of his best friends. Seeing Carson in public making sure Nolan felt included and loved nearly brought tears to my eyes, and it reminded me that not every kid has a heart like his. 

Last Sunday at church, our preacher talked a little more about Andrew, the brother of the boisterous Peter. The cool thing about Andrew that Pastor Danny discussed was Andrew was the guy on the fringe of the crowd looking for the one. Carson reminds me of that kind of guy. He's always looking for the one on the sidelines who everyone else overlooks, and he's the kid who will try to make that kid feel like number 1.
Carson, I just love you beyond words! You are such an incredible kid. You love big, and honestly, our life would be so dull without you. You make our days brighter & happier & just so full of laughter. This weekend will be full of celebrating you & having all the fun with you!
Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

P.S. If anyone needs me, I'll be trying to convince this brown-eyed boy to stay 9 forever!! 

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  1. Awwwww such a lovely write up about Carson - Happy Birthday to him from us - he sounds like such a lovely boy!!! It was a very touching post. Enjoy the celebrations xx

    1. He’s so sweet & just has he kindest heart. He deserved this fun weekend!

  2. Happy birthday to Carson! My oldest Turned five in March. A number that seemed so old when he was first born! I imagine with each year it just gets more and more surreal! Y’all have fun celebrating☺️

    1. It is unreal, and it flies by. Hold on tight, mama