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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Hensleys Take HHI {part 1}

Today I'm sharing the first few days of our trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. HHI is a place that I've never been to before, but it was also a place that I've been wanting to visit for some time. All I've ever heard about it was that it was the best, and you'll never want to leave...Everyone was right!
I just already want to go back after just looking at this picture!

So be prepared for lots of beach and pool pictures, because y'all we really took this vacation seriously!

Before we could even leave for HHI, we had some errands to run, and we pretty much ran them all on Friday.
First up, this sweet girl had to run to Pigeon Forge to record her farewell speech.
I'm not a super emotional person, but hearing the final product seriously brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to share all about our big Cinderella weekend! I will probably be a ball or nerves & emotions, but I'm beyond proud of my little princess!
Then we treated these 3 to a sweet treat from Freddy's!
{all the dang heart eyes}
They were super good while we were trying to make sure we had all the necessities, so they deserved this treat.

We met up with our friends Saturday morning & began the trek to the beach. It was about a 6.5 hour drive, but we had a couple of stops. It was a really easy, fun drive down!

Literally as soon as we arrived at our house, the kids threw swimsuits on & jumped into the pool!
Swimming ready!
 That lagoon view!!
And Jojo & I were not mad at all to sit poolside all night while the kids swam!

Sunday the kiddos all slowly rolled out of bed & into swimsuits, and they all swam while we tried to get the bags & chairs & all the stuff two families need for a trip to the ocean!
 Beach bums!
My 5 ready for some fun in the sun!
Our sweet friends ready for all the fun the day could offer!
 Nothing this girl likes more than splashing in the waves with her daddy!!
 Oh this silly boy was living his best life!

Even if Jojo was busy pile-driving him into the waves!

At this point Carson was too busy catching & swimming through all the waves possibly that pictures were IMPOSSIBLE! I mean, he was way too busy to be stopped for a picture for ole mama!
My girl got a little chilly, so she ended up sunbathing with me & Ms. Christie, and her face just screams happy!

My kiddos would stay on the beach all day, if we let them! They are total beach bums, and they love it as much as I hate sand...& that's a lot!

The next day was Memorial Day, and we just figured the beach would be bustling busy, & the weather was just not superb. We opted for a little shopping and pool fun!
Give us all the Rae Dunn!
Have you heard of this stuff?! It's crazy cute, & we just had the best time trying to find all the stuff!!
Look at all the cuteness!
The plates are melamine, and they are just beyond cute & perfect for summer!

These girls were just their absolute sassy selves posing in their red, white, and blue stuff.
[Obviously the boys were 'too cool' for pictures]
This bow stack is just too good, and you can grab these, especially that gingham, at One Stop Bow Shop!
And when you are shopping with mama & you see a mirror like this, you definitely pull out your best pose & snap a picture!

Tuesday we headed back to the beach for some more fun in the sand!
This time we walked to the beach, & Stephen became obsessed with this moss that looked like a beard!
Also on the walk there, Nataleigh found the cutest flowers that just gave her all the Moana feelings. Impromptu photo shoot on the way to the beach..yes ma'am!

Before all the fun, mama must grab a picture!

As you can tell, it was super bright & sunny, and it was just so hot this day!
Silly faces!!
 Oh, how I love this crazy, silly man of mine!
Mamas & daddies having just so much fun too!!
These two are just the most fun to do vacation & life with! We love us some Barron-Davises, BIG!

I even grabbed a quick, & I mean quick, picture with my middle man!
I bribed him with a Snapchat filter!!

By this point in the week & due to the heat, we were all kinda grouchy. The kids came back from the beach, & after rinsing off, they all took siestas!
Nap Game Strong!

These were our first couple of days!
Tomorrow I'm going to share the last half of our trip, as well as why I fell in love with HHI!

See ya tomorrow!


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