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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Hensleys Take HHI {part 2}

Today I'm wrapping up our vacation recap! 
If you missed yesterday's Part 1, then click HERE!

Wednesday we woke up to more fun in the pool before heading back to the beach.

Our days pretty much ran exactly the same. 
The kids would all roll out of bed between 7 & 8 am, and they immediately got bathing suits on & headed to the pool. Then they grabbed breakfast. Swam again before lunch. Then during lunch the adults would start getting all the beach gear loaded. Then we spent the afternoons on the beach, until we got home and swam "to get the sand off" until dinner! 
It really doesn't get much better than that, right?!
Beach days with this muscley man are my favorites!
Not a bad view at all, right?!

Someone thought she was really cute stealing my hat!
I found my hat last year at Target, and it was awesome until Jojo thought it was hilarious to carry & toss me through the waves. Oh, that crazy love of my life!
After all the fun these kiddos could handle, we loaded every sandy body in the back of Kent's truck & headed back to our rental house for swimming and more grilling out!
{We literally ate the best food ever at our house, and we didn't miss not going out once!}

The next day was our last full day, and y'all by this point mama was beyond sunburnt. There was nothing, however, that was keeping my little sunburnt self from being at the beach with my favorites!
So I covered up, snapped a picture, & slapped my favorite black & white filter on it!
Never enough pictures of our beautiful babies!
 Stephen 2018
 Carson 2018
Nataleigh 2018

Nat loves Ally!!
My favorite boys!
Snapchat filter with my favorite girl!!

And even though they are smiling, they really were bummed to be leaving the ocean for the last time of the week!

That night we decided to get ready and head out for dinner! Aside from Pizza Night, we ate every meal at the house, and it was perfection!
This night we headed to Fat Patties for some yummy burgers!
{These sweet babies are my favorite!}
Oh how I love this handsome hunk of a man!

Friday, we loaded everyone up & headed home!
We had the best week with our best buds!

I shared more about our weekend & coming home HERE!!
And after a long day in traffic, those TN mountains were a welcomed sight!

My absolute favorite thing about our trip was the amount of relaxing we did!
We stayed at Palmetto Dunes, and it was PERFECT! I literally cannot think of a better word. It was relaxing, slow-paced, and super family friendly! We never felt as though we needed or wanted to leave, and even though we did nothing besides swim, swim, and play in the ocean, we never once felt like we were missing anything!
To many this vacation would have been boring, but to our busy selves, this was what out family needed to recharge. We may or may not be looking into another trip to HHI next year, and if I have any part of the planning, next year's trip will feel a lot like this vacation!

Hope you fell a little in love with our sweet vacation. I shared on my instagram profile {britthensley} a lot of fun videos in my highlights because it's a vacation I want to remember forever. Go laugh at us trying to nab a gator or two!

Until next year, HHI!



  1. Your vacation sounds perfect - y'all are always SO busy that is must have been a dream! It looked really gorgeous (I was concerned about the gator in the water by your house though!!) - and it was so nice that you met up with some new people there. It is making me pine for a family holiday too!

  2. What a fun, relaxing week away! Looks so fun. We love HHI!