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Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {6.24.2018}

What a weekend!
We had just such a fun time all weekend, and while we were busy, we had a lot of relaxing moments too!
It was a perfect combo!


Friday we had the most perfect, laziest day imaginable.
A whole lot of World Cup was watched.
Naps were taken by all of us!
{insert all the praise hands}

Nataleigh's new bow box got here, and y'all, it's AH-MAZING!
I'm sharing all about this box in tomorrow's post, but here's a sweet little sneak!

We wrapped up Friday by grabbing some yummy BBQ & watching the last night of prelims at the Miss Tennessee Pageant!
Allison Demarcus does such an awesome job hosting every year. She & her hubby, Jay Demarcus from Rascal Flatts, put on the best show ever!


Nataleigh, Nana, & I headed to Knoxville to look at more pageant dresses, and it was just the quickest of trips!
Someone helped herself to some make-up while I got ready!
I mean, really?!

We got back in time to watch Team Germany come from behind & win in totally dramatic fashion, and then we headed to my hair appointment!
It was long over-due, and while we were there, Nataleigh got the littlest of trims!

Alex is the best!
She really rocks our locks! Check out her hair page on Instagram { @alexrocksmylocks}

I got my color freshened up & a little versatile fringe added!

After a full girls' day with my favorite girl, we laid in bed watching Finals Night @ Miss Tennessee & painted nails!
And someone literally couldn't hang. She 'needed' more gloss before she rested her eyes!
Sweet baby!!

Super big congrats to Christine Williams...the newest Miss Tennessee!

We can't wait to cheer you on at Miss America!


 My favorite people!

 Sunday Sillies!
Have I mentioned how much we are loving our church?!
Pastor Danny's message yesterday was so needed in my heart, and we are all loving our time with this new church family!

During the praise & worship part of the service, I looked over & saw my girl crushing hard on one of her brother's best buddies!

I can't even put into words how sweet this boy is. He totally made Nataleigh's morning when he waited to help her to the children's building!

We grabbed Bojangles before resting before heading to Carson's end-of-the year baseball party!
The only picture I grabbed was of these silly faces after they built all the forts & ate all the hamburgers!
It was a fun, messy evening spent with our baseball family!

Our weekend was so nice & full of some fun summer moments!

What was the best part of your weekend?

Happy Monday!


*I do not own the rights to the World Cup or Miss TN images. Just sharing them out of support!


  1. What a great weekend full of your favorite people. I am so happy about your church search. When our kids can fit in seamlessly...that is the best. Happy Monday Mama!

    1. The kids department was the big draw for us to Grace Meadows. The boys buddies from school go there, so it was a natural thing for us to try. It just has been a total God thing that the preaching & Spirit-led services are what Joe & I have been looking for in a church.

  2. Awww Nataleigh's church crush - you will have to keep us posted - so sweet! I would so be watching the state pageant finals if in the US - I got scouted when I was out there for Miss Brazos County as a qualifier for Miss Texas but a a Non US citizen couldn't do it - SOB!! I would have been clueless - it is so professional - you need coaches etc don't you? I do realise now what a big effort and all of the training (and expense) that goes into it - it is very impressive and I only have respect for the Moms, kids and women that participate. Miss TN is ROCKING that big hair - one day I am going to touch down in the U.S, turn up at a hairdresser and just say - just give me bigger hair please. BTW - your new hair cut is cool - edgy but soft - you have a great hairdresser and it looks brill on you! Hope you are having a good week so far. Here is is BAKING HOT. Everything outside is drying up and turning yellow, which is not normal for Cumbria!!

    1. We’ve had all the rain this week so far! 🤦🏽‍♀️But my grandparents’ Farm is thankful because this rain will mean we get another cut of hay for the season! We are a full-blown pageant family. When Nat competes st Miss TN, you’ll have to visit & we’ll both go get big southern hair!

  3. All around here they are constantly cutting the hay which is great for a lot of people with animals I know here as it keeps the prices down - yay for hey! Without the hayfever! I would love to support Nataleigh at Miss TN with jacked up hair :)))