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Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up [6.4.2018]

Man, oh man!
We had ourselves one heck of a good vacation, and I totally can't wait to share all about our week at Hilton Head, SC. Before I get to all things HHI, however, I want to share all about our weekend back home!


We loaded these silly faces up in the car & headed back to Tennessee.
Oh, it was such a pain to leave our new favorite place, but we had to get back to the real world!

On our way home, Friday, we stopped by & visited with my mother & father-in-laws, and I'm so glad we did. This was the first time that the kids got to see Popow since his heart surgery. We even grabbed some yummy bar-b-que with Mimi!
 We love us some Mimi!

And we all felt the same about having the option of banana pudding as a side!
Moe's BBQ was such a delicious spot.
After too long in the car, those Tennessee mountains were a welcome site!

We swung by my mom's house to pick up our favorite pup, Josie Girl!
And grab some Nana love as well!


I worked at washing the bedding & then putting away clothes. We did sneak out because Nataleigh & I were missing Mim & Poppy big!
We even came back to HUGE One Stop Bow Shop box, and I cannot wait to share all that with you guys later this week! But for now, she just rocked those gorgeous made-to-match Matilda Jane bows.

We then headed to the grocery store, and y'all...I just cannot stop singing all the praises about Kroger grocery stores!
We went to the one at Hilton Head, and I'm officially hooked!

Then we met Mimi to grab the boys at our favorite little Mexican restaurant, and it was so, so good!
They even had a funny little Cinco de Mayo picture spot that you know we had to stop at!


Sunday Funday!!
This was a big Sunday for our family.
Recently Joe's job has placed a burden on his heart for his position as bi-vocational pastor. He just felt like he wasn't able to be the pastor he originally committed to, and after many discussions with church leadership, we all agreed that God was closing the door on our family's ministry @ Hickory Tree Union Church. To say it's been a wild ride these past 12+ years for our little family, would be a huge understatement, and HTUC has had such a major impact on our lives. When we left our last church abruptly, I really thought our ministry & testimonies were over, but we also knew that God wasn't finished with us. HTUC healed so many wounds from so many hurts, and this transition was so smooth & joyous. 
Yesterday, we began visiting churches, and we loved our visit at Grace Meadows Church. A lot of the boys' friends from school attend there, and they were begging us to go!
Nataleigh was a little apprehensive, but...
even she ran into one of her best friends, Avery!

We still want to look into a few other churches, but we are already planning another visit!

After church, we headed to my grandparents' farm to help my Poppy out a little on the farm.
And Joe was busy trying to rope some Bull{dog}s!

Nataleigh really loved every little detail of her outfit yesterday, and she really looked too cute!
 This is a Magpie & Mabel dress, and it's just like the one she wore at Easter. This pattern & color were just so beautiful!
Shoes: Old Soles | Bow: burlap

So, I'm sorta obsessed with Old Soles, and I want them for Nataleigh in every color now!


  1. Wow so many big changes for you all lately! Praying you find a new church home soon :)! So glad you had the best time in HHI, it's seriously a favorite of ours! xoxo ERIN

    1. Huge & happy changes, but I’m not sure if could handle another! 😉

  2. Lots of big happy changes! I will praying that you find a new church home soon. I have never been to HHI but it looks and sounds like so much fun. Loved the recap :)

  3. Such a lot this week-end! First of all - you look soooo much like your Mum! The three amigos pic is brilliant. Nearly as good as the bulldog roping - what an awesome dog! Do you AND your GPs have a farm btw? Sorry if I've missed reading that. Best of luck with picking your new church - it sounds like you have found somewhere nice. Nataleigh's dress is super cute - I don't know how you stop yourself buying stuff like that all the time (or the bows!). I don't know if this relates to you with church but sometimes I think it would all be easier if we all just met in a field in a group, with a table - i.e. a church without a church - a kind of breaking of bread. Sorry if that sounds off but sometimes in the past I've just wanted to strip away rules, politics and the man-made stuff and just get to the nitty gritty - I hope that makes sense! :)

    1. Totally love so much in this comment! Yes we have a family farm with cattle, and it’s basically my heaven on earth. The church we visited was a lot like what you described. Completely relaxed & stripped down. It’s super new, so that helps! And there’s a lot of restraint or we would be even more over-run with dresses and shoes and all the bows!