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Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {Father's Day Weekend}

Happy Monday, y'all!
I'm later than normal getting this post out, but it's out, right!
(That's all that counts!)

We had a fun-filled, busy, exciting weekend, and tomorrow I'll be back finishing up the Cinderella State posts!
Until then, though let's start recapping this weekend!


Friday we woke up with no plans, so we made plans to go sit poolside for a few hours with our besties..
Well, of course it couldn't be that easy right?!
While on the interstate a semi-trucks tire started to blow next to me, and a large piece of the rubber nailed my tire...totally deflating it! With loads of help from my grandfather, Joe was working out of town, I changed my first flat tire!
 We did end up making it poolside for a couple of hours, and it was so needed because it was soooo hot here!

 And of course we broke out our new favorite bow, the mermaid scales bow!
The best part of having so many bows is that we can share with our besties!! Ally was rocking the mermaid bow from One Stop Bow Shop!

After we swam for a while, we hurried to get ready for a birthday party for another one of Nataleigh's best friends, Audrey!

Pinatas and silly faces make for a super fun night!
All that swimming & partying really hit the two little ones! We all crashed pretty hard Friday night!


While these two tended to the spraying the weeds & other farm business (cutest farmers I know), Nataleigh & I headed to a baby shower!
But first we tried the new strawberry infused green tea from Starbucks, and it just wasn't our jam!
Two of our team's coaches are both due within a week of each other, so Saturday we got to shower Coach Cook & baby Leah. And we just had the sweetest time!

For dinner, we headed to a local campground to visit a couple of our Cinderella family members, and it was a BLAST! The kiddos played & caught lightning bugs ALL night, while we sat around joking and catching up! Those night when you don't even get your phones out are the best!!


We woke up and headed to the church we've been visiting, and I must say that we are all loving life at Grace Meadows. I plan on sharing just why we love this little church we've found more after we visit a little more, but right now, we are all happy that God has lead us here!
We then headed to my grandparent's house for a little Low-Country boil, and typically it had it's fair share of the dramatics. All-in-all it was a pretty low-key relaxing day spent together, and it was just what we needed!
Josie Girl even got to ride shot-gun with us to the farm!

We wrapped our weekend up watching Money In The Bank together, even though some of us maybe napped during a couple of the matches!

Well that's our weekend! What fun did y'all find?



  1. Your week-ends are always full of fun! I have to ask - is it a parents' farm you are involved with and is it arable / livestock / both? The Nataleigh crashing photos are always so funny. Sorry about your tire but way to go on the changing (I am still to attempt that)! Looks like an all-round great time!

    1. It is a smaller cattle farm. My grandparents own the farm, but as they have gotten older, we try to help out as much as possible! The flat tire was a mess, but thankfully I know how to do it now! Thanks for chatting!!

  2. Boo for the tire! What a great Fathers Day. I am so glad you are loving the church you have been visiting. It is always such a peaceful feeling to feel welcomed and loved right away. Change can be so hard!