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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {June}

Hey, Hey Wednesday!
What's UP?!

Today I'm linking up with some blogging buddies to join in on one of my favorite link-ups of the month. What's Up Wednesdays are all about sharing what we've been up to and what we're looking forward to. It's so fun looking back at all the fun we've had!
Mel | Shay | Sheaffer
Let's get right into answering these questions!

What We're Eating This Week

All the salads & sandwiches. It has been so stinking hot & humid in TN, so the last thing any of us want to do is cook! I grabbed some chopped salads at Kroger

These are so easy for our busy family, and I'll top it with some turkey from the deli or some roasted chicken.
Easy, quick dinner!!
We're all pretty obsessed with chips and dips. They are perfect snacks as well as sides for dinners!
These are two that we are crushing big!
 This Tex-Mex dip is Joe's absolute favorite thing. We found it while on vacation, and we just can't seem to quit it!
We pair it with these classic wavy chips, Kroger brand, because they are way better than Lay's brand! I've always been scared to stray from the popular brands, but since shopping at Kroger's my love for their store brand is real. Considerably less expensive, and everything we've tried has been considerably better!
 This dip was on sale, so I scooped it up. We are big fans of the cheese dip at all the Mexican restaurants, and this stuff doesn't disappoint!
I enjoyed the cheese dip with these pretzel crisps, and it was the perfect afternoon snack!!

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do, and now I love it even more thanks to Kroger!
{not sponsored in the least, but super in love with this grocery store}

What I'm Reminiscing About

I'm already ready to head back to Hilton Head!! It was such a fun week together!!

What I'm Loving

It's ADORABLE, y'all!

Give us all the bows!
Head to One Stop Bow Shop and grab your little girl this magical bow box!

What We've Been Up To

Pool days!
Birthday Parties
Work days on the farm

And church!
June was such a fun, busy month for us, but there were some really sweet & seriously summery moments that we just loved!

What I'm Dreading

Getting all the stuff done before our official volleyball practices start on July 9th!
I am hoping to get closets & drawers cleaned out before we go back to practices. I just know that if it's organized a little that I'll know what the kiddos need before they go back to school!

What I'm Working On

See above question!

What I'm Excited About

Getting this girl ready for Kindergarten!
She's so excited, and even though my mornings will be considerably quieter without her, I'm ready to see her take on Kindergarten fearlessly!

What I'm Watching/Reading

All the World Cup 2018!!
Team USA isn't in this year, so it's been kinda fun watching without a clear favorite. Obviously we cheer for the German team (with a maiden name like Vogelsberg, you have to). And the boys are big Ronaldo fans, so they have been pretty pumped up about Portugal. I will always love England & France's teams because I just love British & French history, forever. And I think Iceland's team has us all excited about futbol!! That thunder clap!!

Who are you cheering for?!

What I'm Listening To

This song all the time!
There is nothing better than listening to your babies belt this song out every time it comes on the radio or even when the praise band plays it at church!
I finally heard this song from start to finish, and it is beautiful!! 

What I'm Wearing 

My new favorite dress!
I grabbed it on Matilda Jane's Good Luck Trunk a couple of weeks ago, and they are having their big end-of-season sale! They have some really good deals on some really cute clothes!
My same dress is currently $15!!

I also love these tops!!

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Celebrating a certain cutie's birthday!
Carson's birthday is Sunday, and I just cannot believe that my sweet middle is turning 9! He's so excited about it too!! We will be busily celebrating our favorite middle!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

We have so much to do next month between volleyball starting back & getting everything ready for the kids to go to school! July will probably be a blur, but the best part of every July is Carson's birthday. We are so thankful and grateful for our Carson!!

What Else Is New

Since the last time I did a What's Up, Wednesday, we added a puppy to our family!

Josie Girl is a cockapoo. She's been such a fun addition, and the kids just adore her. She also just loves the kiddos so much! She's my second favorite bow model, too!!

What was your favorite part of June?!
What fun do you have planned for July?!



  1. Such cute pics of the kiddos!! And yes to all the salads!

  2. OHHHH So Will I is one of my favorite songs. It is so beautiful. I also love when my kiddos belt it out. Your beach trip looks like so much fun. Wow to volleyball starting on July 9th. I love your recap...you all have had the best month!

    1. Two-a-days from July 9th on! It’ll be a crazy month for sure

  3. That was a great What's Up!! I am salading every day too - I can't bear cooking with any more heat in the kitchen. Your new dress is lovely - really suits you - they are definitely your colours! WOW you really are German aren't you?!!

    1. Yes! Can’t hide the heritage with that last name! That dress is the most comfy too, which I’m this heat is a necessity!

  4. Oh my God I need that dog, Josie Girl, in my life. I keep saying I am getting a cocker cross but my husband just looks at me with that look...yes that look. You're married you get it. HHI - fun in the sun. I am in the other Carolina so normally I just hit our coast up. You got some good stuff going on girl! Happy SUMMER!

    1. We lived in NC for 7 years, and we often spent our summers at Holden Beach. So fun!! Josie Girl is precious, for the most part, but she’s still a puppy!