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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.13.2018}

How you doin', Friday?!
{insert Joey Tribbiani voice here}

Oh my goodness!
We have 'Fri-nally" made to the end of Week 1 of our team's two-a-days, and can I just say, HALLELUJAH!?

Two-a-days are a whole different level of exhausting, but they are best for getting everyone back in the volleyball groove!

Today I'm sharing a couple of things that I am just loving so much right now!!


This family photo!!
I got so many messages about it, and yes the angle made Stephen look like he's almost as tall as I am. He's not there yet, however, he's closing in considerably faster than I'd like! I cleaned out the boys' closets last week, and both boys have out-grown every single pair of pants!! 
Like why do they have to grow up so fast!?!


This quote!!
How true is this?!
Am I the only one who struggles with not seeing the big picture?!


This girl recently fell head over heels for the vanilla bean frappaccino from Starbucks!

And I just loved how darling these pictures were!


Oh my goodness!!
Last weekend I entered a little instagram giveaway, and we actually won this headband/jewelry holder for Nataleigh! Grace & Jewel Creations has the most beautiful accessory holders for your little girl, and isn't it the most beautiful?! 


Today, after practice, my mom, Nataleigh, & I are heading to Nashville, and we are so excited!
Nataleigh recently got her acceptance letter for the State NAM pageant! This was a huge step for this little girl, and we are so excited to be starting this NAM journey. This weekend we are heading to a NAM workshop to help us prepare a little for the State Pageant in September!

Happy Weekend, friends!!

What fun do you have planned?! 

See y'all next week!!



  1. Britt what an exciting week-end - and congratulations to Nataleigh - and to you for supporting her to get there! You MUST post on this (and on Instagram - Caspar and I will be cheering her on - I know it is only a prep week-end but bless her, such a challenge!). Have you ever thought of a career as a pageant coach by the way, with all this experience you are getting? My goodness your boys have really shot up in that photo! I know what it is like though when they grow in spurts, I always find the shoes such a killer especially when it involves expensive football boots and trainers. Your Pastor's quote is great and it will stick with me - you are lucky to have such an inspiring mentor in your life! And how lovely to win the accessories box. Have a great week-end - Joanne x

    1. Yes! My boys’ shoe mess is beyond everything! They keep outgrowing stuff before we get enough use out of it!

  2. I wondered what was next for Nataleigh so I am anxious to hear how it all goes this weekend and in September :) Love that quote, so true :)!

    1. We’ll see how everything goes. She’s excited, and her new princess dress is beautiful

  3. Oh my goodness how true is that puzzle comment?!?! I love that. I cannot wait to see what is next for Miss Nataleigh. And your kids are getting so big. What a fun picture of you five!

    1. The boys are growing like weeds, and I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. Part of me loves watching them grow up, but then those Facebook memories smack me right in the face!