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Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.27.2018}

Boom-Shaka-Laka, y'all!!

It's Friday, and I may or may not be dancing!
This week was another crazy busy one for the Hensley 5, and I cannot believe it's the last weekend of July.

Prepare yourself for this hodge-podge of a post!

[Volleyball Friends]

The best part of this little volleyball job is the family we've created. My girl has herself a little gang of girl bosses, and they may just be the funniest part of our practices.

 Nat + Audrey

Nat + Lilly
These girls are hilarious, and y'all, we could for sure make us millions with their antics & one-liners. They are just the funniest, cutest little volleyball girls!

[Mimi's Creamery]

Shut the front door!
Like I have no way to prepare you for the yumminess that is Mimi's.
Hello Food Truck deliciousness.

Joe & I grabbed one of these homemade cookie sundaes, and it was divine.
 cookies & creme ice cream topped with mini M&Ms and more oreos with a side of a scratch-made cookie!
butter pecan ice cream topped with mini chocolate chips & caramel drizzle & cookie on the side!

It was pretty much the best thing ever, and I may or may not be stalking them on Instagram {@ mimiscreamery}!

[VBS 2018 Fun]

Nataleigh got shipwrecked this week, and she had a blast!

I'm loving life with our new church, and they are pouring so much into our family. It just feels like home for us in this season, and they make growing closer to Jesus even more fun for our babies. Shipwrecked was such a fun week for my sassy, little girl!

[Hair Masks]

I stumbled upon this little thing at the drug store a couple of weeks ago, and I just got around to using it. My hair felt so soft & light, and it was super inexpensive. ($2)

[Loopy Cases]

For my iPhone 8+, I had been using this Otterbox Symmetry case with my trusty PopSocket, but it had taken quite the beating lately because I fidget & twirl my PopSocket!
Well I saw a new case that has a built-in loop for holding & carrying, and I have been obsessed with them for about a month before snagging one for myself.

Loopy Cases are the cutest, most comfortable cases ever, and I'm so glad I've grabbed one.
I grabbed THIS gorgeous case, and I'm not even kidding when I say that it's Nataleigh-approved! She thinks it's the most beautiful phone ever!

[My Boys]

My boys have been with their cousin, aunt, uncle, and Mimi all week at the beach, and this mama is beyond ready to see & hug her boys! I've loved listening to all their stories & tall-tales, but seeing their gorgeous faces will make it all better!

[Girls' Day]

Yesterday, Nataleigh & I enjoyed one last hurrah before school starts for her, and we had the best time ever. I needed this little bit of special time with my girl more than anything! We spent Thursday morning lounging around before we hit the road for a fun day at Dollywood!
 We rode as many rides as possible, and someone also asked for a little face painting.

 cutest, most fancy butterfly I've ever seen!!
We had the best time together, just Nataleigh and Mommy! These are days & memories I'll never forget. She starts Kindergarten in a few short days, and even though I'm so excited to see this Little Bit grow & learn, I'm going to miss having the sweetest, most genuine bestie a girl could ask for! 

We have a couple of fun things on our weekend agenda, but hopefully we'll have some moments of just absolute rest!
What fun do y'all have planned?!

See y'all next week!



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  1. You really have a summer of great memories! I could do with some lion mane taming hair mask too. Love your new phone cover! J xx

    1. Thanks, friend!! It’s been a busy summer for sure!

  2. So much goodness in this post! I am drooling over your yummy cookie sundaes!!! Your girls day sounds amazing! I we still have 3 more weeks until school starts and I hope I will be able to have a day with my girls too. Have a great weekend!

    1. We may have grabbed another sundae tonight. Thank goodness it’s almost hoodie season 😂🤣😂