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Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Favorites {Fun Day @ Hands On}

Hey, Hey Friday!
It's the weekend, and it's my last official weekend off before volleyball kicks in to high gear.

Today instead of sharing a totally random list of current loves & must-haves, I'm sharing one of the most fun days we've had this summer, to date. 

A couple of weeks ago the church we've been visiting had a kids' day out at Hands On Museum. This museum was such a hot spot for every class' yearly field trip. It is a 'hands on' experience museum, and when I was younger, I can remember enclosing myself in bubbles, sliding to the downstairs part of the museum, and making the coolest shapes in the shadow room! 

Hands On recently merged with our local fossil site museum, and they two together are awesome!

part of the kids' group from GMC ready to invade HandsOn!

One of Nataleigh's favorite things was this sandbox that adjusted heights as you built taller peaks and lower valleys. It was so cool, and then a worker would show how rain would fall differently down the peaks!

Such incredible technology!
Then we got to see real paleontologists hard at work digging real fossils!
 A rowdy, cute crew!
More dig site fans!

Then we headed inside the foam/block/free play area, and all chaos ensued!

Glorified Popsicle sticks that were used to build some incredible structures, and these boys wanted their turn at building too!!
Forts were built & destroyed!
Timeouts were had too because my boys just go incredibly too hard always!
Nataleigh wanted to be a 'worker' & fix all the stuff!
And there was even this adorable little art area. This whole area was a wild zone, but it really allowed the kids a chance to play/build/create, and they had the best time ever!

We then went back to the first building & explored some more!

Learning all about the sinkhole where the fossils were found.
This was hilarious.
They had these phones set up throughout the area that played tons of info & facts, and Nataleigh kept saying, "Hang on, mom. I need to hear the news!"
Then they got their own chance to try to dig up some fossils too!

I mean, dress up stations throughout kept this girl going!

Do you remember those toys that were made of little pins that created little 3-D statues of your hands?!
HandsOn has a HUGE one that made life-sized statues!

Anyone else getting a Hans Solo feel from Stephen?!

There was even more fun. The last room we visited taught the kids all about potential and kinetic energy!
So. Much. Fun!

They used balloons, bottles, magnets, and lights to change energy from potential to kinetic, and it was so fun seeing their brains grow & learn so much!

We had the best time with some of our favorite friends!

We left after about 3 solid hours of play, play, and more play. The kids {and Mama} all needed a nap or 2, but it was such a fun day.
Thanks HandsOn!!

For such a fun time!

We have a pretty low-key weekend planned, but today we are traveling because we lost Joe's Granny this week. My favorite memories of GG, as everyone called her, was just sitting back & watching her stare and listen intently while Papaw Joe told all the stories at Christmas. She was a precious, beautiful soul, and she was loved big. Prayers are greatly appreciated for Joe's entire family as they mourn this loss. 


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  1. Gosh I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Please pass on our sincerest condolences to your husband xx The Hands -on place looks incredible - I bet your kids will have learned way more by having fun and interacting like that - I don't know anything like that here which is a shame, I think I'd enjoy doing half of those things, especially being encased like Han Solo haha! Joanne xx

  2. What a fun museum! That sounds like such a fun day. I wish we had something like that close to where I live. My kids would have loved that. Also, enjoy your weekend! And woohoo for volleyball kicking up!

  3. What a fun day out :). I can't believe you are gearing up for volleyball already...summer is whizzing by! xoxo ERIN