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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Quick Girls' Trip to Nashville

Oh my goodness!
I had every intention of blogging better this week, but y'all, volleyball is kicking my booty! Our schedules are just in-STINKING-sane..like insane!

A few weeks ago my mom, Nataleigh, and I ran away for a little girls' trip to Nashville. It was literally the quickest of trips, but it was so much fun with my favorite girls.
We were ready to go, and Nana was behind the wheel!
(She would have killed me if I had posted the one with her in it because she was totally focused on the traffic. You're welcome, Nana!)

We couldn't road trip it up without stopping by Dunkin' Donuts...

And this girl loved the cotton candy coolatte!

It's about 4.5 hours to Nashville, with a time change, so we stopped for a quick bite at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.
Have y'all tried these white tea peach lemonades?!
Total life changer.
It basically tastes like Summer, and I'm completely hooked!!

By the time we got checked into the hotel, we let Nat swim for a bit in the pool before we crashed. We all had a pretty early morning ahead of us, and Nataleigh needed some beauty sleep!

We woke up early & started to get ready!
Hair rollers before 8am are always fun right?!
Elevator 'usie' before we met the Tennessee NAM team!

We checked in...
with our biggest smile & cutest outfit.

This was just a workshop to learn a little more in person of the expectations for a NAM Princess, and she had the best time.
She did fabulous as well. I couldn't be any prouder of this little bit. She is excited about this new adventure, for sure!

And we loaded back up to head home.
We were literally gone & back within about 24 hours, and 9 of the hours were in the car.

The best part of road-tripping is being with my favorites & stopping for some goodies!
Give us all the sugar!

We even grabbed the boys a bag of gummies that they were obsessed with.
Give them all the NBA stuff.

And we even surprised everyone with some yummy cheesecake!

So this quick little road trip was all about the food & getting prepped for the next big pageant coming up. It was awesome seeing Nataleigh try something new. I love when she challenges and pushes herself. She's working super hard right now, but she's most excited about her new big princess dress!!

I already have tomorrow's post ready-to-go, and I promise to start doing better with blogging. I honestly didn't think y'all would want to see a bunch of gym pictures!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Wow Britt you are such a committed Mama - PROPS as always! You really are setting Nataleigh up with some amazing life skills. I watched Toddlers and Tiaras a few times once, which is of course a bit of an extreme version of pageants and edited as such but the kids were usually very tetchy and the Moms had to really cajole them, except maybe for the odd 'pro kid' that was obvs so natural and cut out for it - that is Nataleigh! She looks so excited and happy to be there, and so professional - the curler photo is just adorable (my Mum spent hours and hours when I was little putting in curlers for me to - great Mama - daughter bonding time!). You must be wrecked with all of this travel and volleyball! Jxx

    1. Girl I’m running ragged, and I still have to buy all the kids’ school supplies. These little days are the best and most exhausting kinds of days.

  2. Those cookie sundaes look amazing, love your new case and yay for a girls day!