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Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {7.30.2018}

Good, good morning!

We are already en route to Knoxville for another pulminologist appointment for Nataleigh, and we are so thankful for her continued health. She's come so far in about a year with her lungs & asthma, and we are totally thankful for God's goodness & the wonderful doctors that have been treating her. We are just praying in advance for another great visit!

This weekend was full, full, full of all the fun! We literally did not stop long enough for any kind of nap, but it was one of our last weekends of summer. We definitely made every minute count.
[We totally may be paying for all the fun today, but it was worth it]!


We woke up & headed straight to the farm...
with donuts for Mim & Poppy!

We spent most of the day with them until we met up with our buddies for dinner in Johnson City!
We ate at Wild Wings Cafe, and then we went right outside the restaurant for Founders After 5, because Mimi's was celebrating their second anniversary!
I shared about Mimi's in Friday's Post HERE!
What is better than ice cream, donuts, and fruity pebbles?!

The girls got ice cream cones + silly faces!!
And it was such a great night with most of our favorites! We were missing the boys big, but they were coming home the next day!


We woke up early for a morning spent with some super cute, extra fancy little girls!
But first a picture in our fancy dress + glittery shoes!

Seriously adorable fun, and who doesn't love fruit, cupcakes, double doozy cookies, and pink lemonade before 11am?! 

Cheer mamas!!
plus some super sweet girls!!
(Anyone have success getting all the kids to look and smile at the same camera at the same time?! If so, what are you bribing them with?!)
Proud pageant mama right here!
Every stinking picture she has her pretty feet on just right, and Ms. Jill would be so proud!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at our friends' house for some pool & classic country music, and it was just the relaxation we needed!
We grabbed the boys from Mimi & listened to story after story from the beach, and Stephen happily crawled up on my lap for some snuggles!!


Sunday funday, right?!
After a busy weekend, it would have been easy just to stay in bed, but I'm so glad we didn't miss yesterday's service!
What I'm loving about our church is how Spirit-led it is. We spent the last several minutes praying over people who just needed some prayers and encouragement from each other!
We then enjoyed lunch with Mim & Poppy & Nana & Archie, and it was so good!
It was almost as good as this sweet picture of my sweet babies!

Also, this blue smocked dress is officially one of my favorites!
Nothing better than a southern summer with plenty of smocking perfections!

After lunch, while Joe mowed, Stephen & I headed back to the church for some rising middle schooler fun! Guys, when did Stephen grow up enough to be with the middle school group?!
Pizza, Little Debbies, and all the minute-to-win-it games for the Sunday fun!

Blue Typhoon was the ultimate winning team, and they were awarded each a 2lb bag of Sour Patch Kids!
Nataleigh even got to hang with her cute buddy, Corbin!!

The favorite part of the entire time had to be the slip-n-slide kickball match that happened!
It was beyond hilarious, but seriously someone hold this mama because her baby starts middle school in exactly a week!

This week is going to be extra chaotic as we get all the things prepped for school to start on Monday, including 3 doctor appointments!

Can you believe Summer 2018 is wrapping up, & school is starting back up?!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. It's hard to believe school is starting soon :). Enjoy this last busy week! Looks like a great last week!

  2. Wow that is an early start - but blimey, you have crammed so much fun into this summer - you've done a great job, Mama! I love reading your posts and getting more of my 'American education' - I am guessing that 'little debbies' are marshmallows? I also wanted to ask - what age does 'Middle School' start - it seems a better idea that just two schools as we have it, as it is a shocker throwing the just turned 11 year olds in with the big kids who are 16 over here, it makes them grow up too fast! J xx

    1. We are lucky because our school is a Kindergarten-8th grade, but they have the ‘middle school’ hall which starts at 5th grade. Thankfully I will have all my kids at the same school for a few years.

  3. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Knoxville. Growing up we’d visit so many TN towns while visiting our Grand Parents in Union City. We’d make a summer vacation out of it. I really miss it. Anyhow, the farm sounds so fun. And what better way to show up than with donuts! Yum! Nataleigh looks so cute posing with them. And the little girls all dressed up fancy…OH MY WORD…adorable! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I’m not ready to wrap up summer just yet. We have 22 more days. What about y’all?