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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {Carson's Birthday}

What a weekend!
It was definitely one for the books, and I may have needed all of Monday to recover from all the fun of Sunday.


We loaded all 6 of us (Josie is in the very back with Stephen) into the car, & we headed across the mountain to Asheville to see Mimi & Popow!
We got there, and Mimi surprised this girl with an adorable Vera Bradley purse. You all know my prissy girl loved having her very own purse that matched Mimi!

While the kids & dogs played, Joe & I snuck in a quick date night to one of our favorite Asheville restaurants, Papa & Beer!
Nothing like a date night with my bestie, and yes, I forgot to snap a picture while on the date!


Because my kiddos never sleep in while away, we were all up early, but that meant we got to grill hot dogs & burgers for lunch. That also meant we got to eat cake earlier too!

Make a wish, my sweet boy! 
I'm still in disbelief that he's 9!!

We went straight to my grandparents' house after leaving Mimi's, and then we rushed home to get some stuff finished around the house. We had planned a HUGE Sunday for the birthday boy, so lots of chores needed to be finished Saturday.
The boys learned how to mow a little on Saturday night, and I totally stole this picture from Joe's Instagram!!
They had a blast with Joe learning all the tricks to mowing perfectly from their daddy, and it was fun for me to watch these guys be total little men!


We woke up super, extra early, and we loaded everyone, including Nana, up in the car to head to Dollywood.

My mom grabbed each of the kiddos their own season pass, and it was the best gift ever!! This boy was also given a button that told everyone that it was his birthday.

We all went in and headed straight to the measuring station. This was so cool. Dollywood workers measured each kiddo & gave them wristbands for the rides they could ride! Carson was stoked to find out that he can ride everything in the park, and Nataleigh could ride quite a bit!

On our way to our first ride, these sweeties wanted to stop and talk to the ducks!

First ride of the day was the classic, Blazing Fury!
Thankful for this lady!!
Birthday boy riding with Jojo!

This girl was ready to ride her first roller coaster ever, and y'all we were all already sweating. It was a solid 90 degrees by the time we got in the park. Thank goodness for all the cooling stations & air conditioning!
 that photobomber!
And ready to roll!!
Walking out of the Blazing Fury like a champion! He then started to get a little scared of the rides, but eventually we got him to conquer some of those fears.

We cooled off on Daredevil Falls!

And I even got to ride with my best friend!

We met back up with Nataleigh & Nana, who had been driving the cars, people watching, & cotton-candy eating. Nana even took her to get her face painted, and it was the cutest face paint until the River Rampage splashed us all really good!

Then it was for a quick little snack!
 Funnel Cakes
 fried potato curls

And all the deep discussions with the birthday boy!

A little storm rolled through, so most of the rides were shut down. That didn't stop us from having fun!

Silly picture!!

Then we walked around to check out some of the other rides/areas of the park!
 Future Lumberjacks!

 My little Lumberjill
And of course, this hottie had to hop in, Matilda Jane backpack & all, to test his strength!

And we were all a little bummed that the area still had lightening, so we couldn't stay any longer!

We were all so exhausted, but it was such a fun time! We are already planning a couple more trips to Dollywood for more rollercoaster & funnel cake fun!

At one point in the day, Carson grabbed my hand to tell me that this was the best birthday ever, and then he followed it up by saying that it was the best day ever!

We had a blast celebrating our boy all weekend long!
After this weekend, I was reminded just how blessed we are. We have such a fun time together always, and I'm so thankful for this crazy, manic, wild ride called life that we've been given!



  1. Wow what an action packed week-end and Happy Birthday to Carson! His cake looked delicious. They are really getting little man skills aren't they with the mowing? It's great that they are so keen. And how brave was Nataleigh going on a roller coaster. My personal fave from your week-end were the water ride photos - it literally cracked me up. You have the BEST insta-stories. I can't believe the water took all of Nataleigh's face paint off haha! Are you having a less actioned packed week this week?

    1. Those videos cracked me up. She literally started with a full-face of paint, and it was gone in a matter of 5 minutes. I’m sure my mama didn’t think it was that funny, since she paid for the face paint! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣😂