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Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Favorites {8.3.2018}

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This week has been a butt-kicker for us!
We are wrapping up an insane get-everything-ready-for-school week at the doctor's office for the boys' yearly physicals, and then it's the weekend!
{insert all the praise hands everywhere}

Today we are linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for another edition of Friday Favorites, and today's list is just as random as every other week. That's just how life is rolling these days for me..random & all over the place!


Last night we met the teachers that our babies have this year, and it went so well!
Carson is super excited about 3rd grade, and we just can't wait to see where this year takes our sweet boy! Nataleigh was at cheerleading because her teacher is one of my sister's high school besties, and we are beyond excited about this partnership. Hillary recently just kicked breast cancer's butt, and she is going to be such a tough role model for my tiny, yet mighty girl!
Stephen is beyond stoked about his upcoming 5th grade year because he literally has all of his best friends in his class, and he got the teacher he wanted. (More on his teacher a little later)!

Overall it was a great evening, and we love our school so much. I know and trust that they want only the best for their kids, and we are praying for the best years imaginable for all these sweet kids!


Back-To-School shopping!
Nataleigh & I snuck to Old Navy earlier this week and grabbed a couple of goodies!
Right now they are having a really good sale, and I just couldn't pass up some of these for her. She will be a lot of things this year, and our goal is that she is always on that best dressed list!
Here are a few of our favorite finds...
We also got the kitty cat knee socks, and I just thought that this dress would be perfect for October without being "too Halloweeny," if that's even a thing!

We also grabbed all the kids' school supplies, and we found out that Target is offering a School List Assist. This is where you select your child's school & grade, and they will cart your child's list! They also offer quick delivery at home or store pick-up, and if you have the Target RedCard, you save the 5% like always! It's such a convenience that if you can, then you should take full advantage of!


We let Nataleigh pick out her own lunchbox this year, and it is screaming all the Lisa Frank vibes to me.
Anyone else love Lisa Frank from back in the day?!


We watched The Greatest Showman a couple of weeks ago, and I just cannot quit that soundtrack!
Anyone else?!

Rewrite the Stars just might be my favorite song from the movie! There's something so great knowing that we have choices in our future & the lives we create, and I mean, that Zendaya/Zac Efron performance gives me all the heart eyes!!


Rounding out this week's edition is Nataleigh's newest headshot!
A couple of weeks ago, we had new headshots taken, and I. LOVE. THEM. SO.MUCH!
We are officially less than a month away from her competing again, after over a year, and she is so stinking excited! She's ready to be back on stage, rocking it!

In my first 'favorite,' I alluded to more about Stephen's teacher. Well she will be out of town for the next two weeks, along with another 5th grade teacher, because our little town of Gray, TN has an incredible softball team, and those 12 & under girls won the Southeast Regional of the Softball World Series. These girls and their coaches & parents, Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. Bacon, will be traveling to Oregon to face teams from literally all over the world. They were one of the top 4 teams in the USA, and we couldn't be prouder of them! 
Bring it home, Daniel Boone Softball!!

Also, don't forget about the HUGE sale that ONE STOP BOW SHOP is offering right now!
Use Code: SCHOOL for 30% off everything site-wide, and you earn Bow Bucks!!
You don't want to miss this sale, so you can stock up on back-to-school accessories!

Happy Weekending, y'all!!

See ya Monday!



  1. Gosh you are busy - I don't know where you start with getting three children ready for school?! BTW - it is awesome that your kids get annual check ups - we don't have separate pediatric doctors here, so unless something is seriously wrong, we hardly see a doctor, and as we all know preventative medicine is much better, so you are lucky with that. It is great yours are excited about school, Caspar WILL NOT be happy when he gets back, but then again his school is SOOOO strict. I've never heard Of Lisa Frank? And haven't seen the Showman - I am really not a fan of musicals, even though everyone says this is amazing! LOVE Nataleigh's headshot - HER HAIR is just incredible. What will you do when she starts losing baby teeth btw, do you use one of those flippers? Caspar has a whole host of 'bad teeth' school photos when they go through those awkward losing and growing teeth phases :) We are kind of coming out the other end of that now, although he's still losing baby teeth (and we still have a pretend tooth fairy haha). Have a great weekend! J xx

    1. No! No flipper ever. Ha..we tend to stick to pageants that celebrate little girls looking like little girls..no teeth and all! Ha The Greatest Showman is so, so good, and my boys get less excited every year they go back. Thankfully Stephen has all of his best friends to be with all year.

  2. I literally just ordered the 10 folders I needed for school and had them shipped to my house for free with that school assist. Thanks for the tip, I am going to share it on my FB live today!

    1. Seriously best thing ever! Glad it helped you out!

  3. Who didn't love Lisa Frank?? :)

  4. Sorry the week has been so insane. I hope this weekend is much more calm and relaxing. Already Meet The Teacher? Wow! When do y’all start back? My boy is starting 3rd great too. Lisa Frank was my jam. I was obsessed. Ha. That headshot of Nataleigh is so good. She’s a beautiful girl!