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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nataleigh Goes To Kindergarten

My baby went to Kindergarten yesterday, and she had the best day ever!

Monday night we did all the prep for her first day like packing up her school supplies, getting her clothes picked out, and painting her finger and toe nails, because priorities!

And because she's so extra, she 'needed' her princess sleeping mask!

I woke up Tuesday to this Facebook memory, and my mama heart may have shattered a little!
Wasn't she just this precious, squishy little bundle of joy?!

She got ready, and we had our typical 'first day' photo shoot!
The princess with her bodyguards!

And I just had to share this side-by-side..
Because in 5 years, this little girl has grown and changed me so much! She's my favorite girl & my little bestie!
We walked in to the school together, and guys, she ate up all the attention!
She was waving to EVERYONE, and everyone was waving at her. She was like a little Miss America walking down the school halls!

She even ran into her cheer bestie, Kinley! Both of these girls were so excited to be starting Kindergarten together, and even though they are in different classes, they are excited about all the fun firsts together!

And we got one last love before leaving her with her class!

The rest of our day was so quiet, and we expected this. I kept thinking throughout the day what she was doing, and I prayed a lot about what tall tales she may be telling her teacher too! 

We were hosting Media Night last night too, so I was unable to pick her up from school. Joe snapped a quick picture after she climbed in the car....

She had such a fun time at school, and she couldn't wait to go back, until I told her that we were heading to the Farm for a bit today to see her great grandparents. She is on an abbreviated schedule for the next couple of weeks, and she's so excited!

The out-pouring of love, prayers, and such positive thoughts yesterday helped mine and Joe's hearts so much. You all really out-did yourselves showering us with so much love & happiness for our Little Bit! This new chapter in our lives will be so fun & an incredible adventure!

I know I say this every single year, but goodness God has blessed our babies with the best teachers and community imaginable. They pour so much of themselves into these kids, and I could never, ever thank the staff at our school for just being the absolute best.

Happiest of Wednesdays guys!

I'm going to be soaking up all the time with my girl today!



  1. Oh Nataleigh! She’s so cute with her sleeping mask. I’m glad she had a great day! She’s going to rock Kindergarten!! Great pictures!!

  2. I still think you all should have moved to Washington this summer and put her in my kindergarten class....just sayin! Hahaha! What a sweetie and I am SO glad she had such a great day!

    1. Y’all need to move here!! We have Dolly Parton!!

  3. She looked so excited! And FABULOUS with the twinkly eye mask! I can only imagine what you were going through on her first day! Your boys are so sweet as well being her little protectors! Hey do you use the term ' give me a love' for 'give me a hug'? That is something we definitely say here in Cumbria but I know the southerners don't use it! Love hearing English regional expressions in the US!! J xx

    1. We say ‘give me some love’ or ‘give me some sugar.’ I love learning regional sayings that differ. 😉