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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Update From Nataleigh's Appointment

Happy Wednesday!!

This week is FLYING by for the Hensley 5, and there's still so much left to do for us. 
Monday I shared HERE that Nataleigh & I headed to Knoxville for her check-up with the pulmonary group at the Children's Hospital. While we got some answers, some frustrations remained! I've had a lot of people messaging me this week asking how everything went, and today I wanted to share what we know & still need prayers about.

Every time we go, the respiratory tests her small & large airway functions, and she LOVES this test. She gets to pick out what picture she makes move, and her biggest challenge has always been to blow all 10 candles out on the birthday cake! She also gets to blow a balloon up, & make a chicken run a race, and this little machine shows how well her lungs are functioning!

We found out that her lungs are finally healthy, but they're overall function has decreased slightly since her last check. It's not enough of a decrease to cause super concern, but it has us changing her inhaled steroids to help those small airways function better. We go back in 3 months, and we are praying that she shows a lot of improvement. While there we also got all the paperwork for her to take to school to have her medicine on hand.
These appointments wear her out, and she needed those Beats (that weren't plugged into anything) to help her sleep!

Join us in praying that her small airways open more & start strengthening up. This appointment really got this mama a little worried about starting Kindergarten. She's about to be exposed to a new world of germs, and with her lungs not being the strongest, I'm concerned about her getting sick. Getting sick will only cause set-backs for Nataleigh!

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  1. I am sorry she has had a set back - but good to hear some overall improvement. So nice that they make the tests fun for her - what a little trooper she is! I can imagine that you are nervous about her starting kindergarten - wishing you all the best - you are both in our prayers! J xx

  2. Lot's of prayers to you and your sweet girl!

  3. I am sorry you still have frustration after the appointment. I’m praying that with her next appointment you get all of the answers you have been praying for. Look at that sweet girl with the headphones. Precious! I will also be praying for a healthy Kindergarten year.