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Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {8.6.2018}

Hey, hey Monday!
Today my boys start back to school, and Nataleigh goes tomorrow!
I cannot believe that our summer is over.
{hold me while I sob}

We spent this weekend getting everything ready-to-go, and we even squeezed in some major fun!

Friday we started our weekend at the pediatrician's office for some check-ups for these handsome fellas!

Besides being extra silly, they are super healthy too. The pediatrician discussed with Stephen, aka my super picky eater, about adding veggies to his daily diet, and it may have stuck. He's all about doing whatever it takes to get a little taller, so we are changing up his breakfast routine & sneaking some veggies into his breakfast shake!

I had practice, and then we spent the evening cleaning up a bit before bed.
Nataleigh's room got a little rearranged, and Jojo came in to vacuum for us!
And we finally got her accessory holder hung up on the wall!
We won it from @graceandjewelscreations on Instagram, and it is the most perfect cheer bow holder ever!!

Saturday morning we all slept in, by Hensley house standards, and then we headed to the farm to see Mim & Poppy for a bit!
They were having crown molding put up throughout & needed some groceries, so Joe & I headed to the store for them! It was a nice time spent together without the babies!
{domestic date day}

We had promised the kiddos some fun in the sun, and they wanted a round of putt-putt!
I am naturally a SUPER competitive person...except when it comes to bowling & putt-putt. I just couldn't care less about winning. My kids & spouse don't share that same easy-going feeling on the putt-putt course!
It was intense!!!

And she completely has Joe wrapped. All it took was her saying, "daddy, will you help me," and he was quick to save the day!

The silly faces never end with these three!!
And this kiddo had a great time, even though he is as terrible as his mama at putt-putt!
Quite possibly my new favorite picture of these two! We were towards the end of the round when I heard, "Nat, let's take a selfie!" These two are the absolute best of friends, and my heart just about burst when I saw this!!
Of course, Jojo won, and he shot par, even after he choked on #18!
We all had the best time together!

Sunday we headed up just across the state line in North Carolina because one of Joe's best friends asked him to preach at his mom's church!

Our water baby needed to hear about Jesus too!
These kiddos are crazy about Uncle David, and I think he loves them too!!
Sunday Sweetness!!
And of course Sunday Sillies!!

Goodness gracious, I sure love these kinds of weekends!
They make Mondays so bittersweet!

Today the boys kick off their 3rd & 5th grade years, and I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by! Tomorrow Nataleigh begins her Kindergarten year, and I just cannot wait to see her grow & learn so much. It will be such a fun year for these three, and I'm so thankful to be along for the ride! 

Happy First Day of School!

Have y'all started back yet?! If not, when do you go, and can you believe how fast this summer has flown by?!



  1. Back to school? I can’t believe it’s already time for that. We have a little over two and a half weeks and I am praying it goes by really slow! I’m sobbing right there with you. Looks like y’all had a great weekend. We need to take Mason to play putt-putt!

    1. We’ve been out since before Memorial Day, so I can’t complain. It just feels like it gets earlier and earlier every year! Enjoy your time before school starts back for Mason!

  2. I am anxious to hear how today goes for you all! I am saying a prayer for your momma heart and grace in the new season! xoxo ERIN

    1. It went as great as the first day of kindergarten could possibly go

  3. Crazy golf / links golf if just the best!! I should get a doctor to tell C about veggies as well - he only eats apples, smoothies, carrots, broccoli, peas and sweetcorn, and sweet potatoe. No salad and no other greens. At least yours is listening!! :) Hope you are coping ok with your empty nest! C does not go back for another month - we a running out of things to do! J xx

    1. Hopefully it’ll stick with Stephen🤞🏼🤞🏼