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Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Birthday {11} Stephen

Today, my sweet boy, my first-born, turns 11!
It seems like just yesterday I was miserably pregnant, but I was beyond excited to be this boy's mom. Every day since September 24, 2007 has been an incredible journey, and it's all because of this sweet boy.
Stephen has always been an absolute joy.

He's smart, happy, and so, so kind! He loves his family, his sports, and his friends H-U-G-E. He's the kid you want as a friend because he's fiercely loyal, and he will go to war for you. He also is a major rule-follower who has such a positive outlook in most situations. I'm not going to lie that when times get tough or negative, this boy can find a sunny side to everything! With a quick flash of a smile, he can change every bad mood I have.
Lord, thank You, thank You for gifting us when the task of raising Stephen. For eleven years now, he has been an absolute joy in my life. The way he brightens every day is a testament to Your goodness, God. Thank you for creating a joyous boy. The task of raising Stephen isn't something that Joe & I take lightly. May we radiate You and Your love in every situation, good or bad. May we teach him during difficult seasons that You are good, and Your plans are always good. Let us show him always that He is a good and perfect gift that we treasure! God, we treasure him, and we treasure You. Thank You again for these 11 years, and I cannot wait to see all of the incredible things You will do through this boy of our's!
Happy Birthday to our favorite first-born! May today & every day be as awesome as you are, beautiful boy! We love you beyond words & more than the stars in the sky! 
{Mom, Dad, Carson, & Nataleigh}


  1. Happy Birthday Stephen! He seems such a lovely boy - and looks just like a mix of you and Joe. Enjoy these pre-teen years! J xx

  2. Happy birthday to him - 11! Eeek they are growing up so fast!