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Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Favorites {10.12.2018}

We've got that Friday feeling over here at Home Sweet Hensley, and we are loving it!
This week was so nice getting back into the normal #momlife swing of things. I got a lot of laundry & bedding changed, as well as enjoyed loads of time with my grandparents while the kiddos spent their week in Asheville, NC with Mimi & Popow! That time was so needed.

I shared a sneak on Monday here of Nataleigh's latest bow box, and today I'm sharing all about the adorable October box from One Stop Bow Shop!

Come on!!
Adorable right?!

Now let's get into sharing the pictures of my favorite little model in her new bows!

[Medium Pumpkin Pie Grosgrain]

 "Happy girls are the prettiest!"
But a girl that can be silly is one-of-a-kind!

This bow is the most perfect Fall color, and yes, y'all, it looks just like pumpkin pie!

[Jumbo Lily Grosgrain]

Get your little girl this bow, like yesterday! 
{The cape is from Old Navy, last year, btw, and it too is Fall perfection}

[XLarge Jumbo Fall Pumpkin Print]

My little pumpkin princess!!

[Large Mustard Grosgrain]

Mustard is such a fun, hot color right now, and this bow...#hearteyes everywhere!

[XLarge Azalea Glitter Grosgrain]

Nataleigh says that this is her favorite bow in the box, because it's pink & glitter...her favorite color! I got to tell her why it was in the October box, and she was so excited that it was for breast cancer awareness month. She was confronted with this awful disease on the first day of Kindergarten. Her precious teacher, Mrs. Lambert, just kicked this disease's butt, and she just finished treatments in July. Mrs. Lambert is the bravest, strongest female figure, and I'm so happy that she's teaching Nataleigh all about strength, courage, and beauty..as well about math & reading, too! Nataleigh cannot wait to show Mrs. Lambert her pink bow that's just for her!

As a family, we've experienced several loved ones, Aunt Cindy, Mrs. Lois, Mama Val, and now Mrs. Lambert, who have all tackled breast cancer, and I'm so thankful for the impact that they've had in my life & my babies' lives. Right now I want to encourage you to reach out to someone who has or is being affected by breast cancer. Sometimes just a friendly voice saying that they are praying for you is enough to get them through a rough day.

Happy Weekend, y'all!

What fun do you have in store this weekend?! 

I think we are extending the low-key nature of our week into this weekend, but who knows what we may get into! Life is too fun not to enjoy it!


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  1. N really is a great little model! I am totally sold on the bows too - they really look adorable. My heart goes out to women who've experienced breast cancer, I hope they find better prevention and cure soon xx

    1. I know! Breast Cancer is awful, and we’re praying for a cure! 💕💕