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Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Favorites {Red Ribbon Week + Randomness}

We made it brilliantly through yet another week. 
Is this year just f-l-y-i-n-g by for y'all, or is it just over here at the Hensley House?! 
Spirit Weeks & dress-up days have a tendency to wear this mama of 3 in school completely out, but goodness, they are soooo fun! We only had one majorly minor mishap this week, however, it was a fun, fun week celebrating Red Ribbon Week with our school!

Red Ribbon Week is where schools participate in dress-up days & other activities to foster awareness for staying drug-free through the schools. My boys are officially 'too cool' to dress-up regularly, but Nataleigh was ALL about it. Thankfully this year Stephen participated in most days because every day he dressed up earned his House an additional 5 points, and those points add up.
(Have I mentioned he's pretty competitive)?!

Let's get right into this year's RRW dress-up days!


"Life is a journey, travel drug free!"

Monday was all about being a tacky tourist, and my kids decided to make it a little more wacky tacky than just touristy.
 The only thing missing is their fanny packs!

 Both boys insisted on wearing Crocs with socks, and my fashion-loving heart just had to look away!
And this sassy little bug was all about the Wacky & Tacky, but she still managed to look ADORABLE!


"Drugs are Old School!"

It just so happened to also be the 50th day of school, and it was also the scene of my incredible mama mishap! Apparently I missed the switch up for Kindergarten, and even though Nataleigh was supposed to wear a tie-dyed outfit, she wore 50s inspired clothes!
Who needs a poodle skirt, when you have a ridiculously adorable frog skirt?!
Stephen also dressed up with cuffed jeans and a white tee shirt. He looked dapper as ever, but he didn't want a picture taken!
This is the day that Carson decided that football at recess was far more important to him than dressing up, so he tapped out of dress-up days!


"Give drugs the boot!"

These two had a boot-scootin' time dressing in their best Western Wear, and they were my country cuties!!


"Don't get tied up in drugs."

Apparently the only person in our family who owns tie-dyed clothes is Nataleigh, and she has a pair of tie-dyed volleyball tees. Due to me messing up her outfits for Tuesday, she dressed up once again for 50s day. It's a really good thing that we have several pieces that work for this time era.
And check out that sunrise!!
(no filter added)
She also wanted a quick picture in her what would have been tie-dyed outfit because it's all her favorite colors!
yes ma'am!!
This girl really loves herself a dress-up day, and I can't blame this cutie!!


"RVS is drug-free!"

Today the kiddos are rocking their class/house shirts for the last day of Red Ribbon Week, and this mama isn't too upset that we get a little break from dressing up. I will say, however, that next week we have some pretty adorable outfits in store for Halloween!!

This weekend officially kicks off Stephen's basketball travel season. It's our 3rd season playing a more travel-style season, and I cannot wait to see how this boy grows in the sport he loves! He knows there is nobody that is cheering and encouraging him and his team more than his loud, crazy mama!
{I'm for sure 'that' mom}

Happy Weekend, friends!



  1. I love y'alls red ribbon week theme days! I think my favorite is the tourist one! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

    1. The tourist day was our favorite too! Hope your weekend is great too!!

  2. You have such cute kids. Saw your post on the Friday Favorites blog hop.
    X, Julie | www.thismainlinelife.com

    1. Thanks for popping by, and thanks for the compliment. I think they are pretty cute, even if they are more hot messes than anything else! ;)

  3. How fun is red ribbon week! My school does not do this, but I know the kids would love it. You are so creative!

    1. Eek! It’s so fun, but I’m far from creative. I just scavenge through closets & pray.

  4. What a fun spirit week! It's so great to see the kids dress up and I love the theme they were focusing on. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  5. Aww the 50s outfit was my fave - such a cute look on N! LOVE Carson's red check shirt too, would love one like that for Caspar. P.S. 'fanny pack' cracks me up as that is a slang word some people use in England for lady bits hahaha!

    1. Hahahaha how funny! We definitely didn’t need those ‘fanny packs’ to complete our tourist look 😂🤣