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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Three Things

Wednesday...HEY, HEY!

How's everyone's week going so far?!

I shared Monday all about our weekend, and I'm trying to navigate the slower pace to life post-volleyball season. Thankfully this week is also Fall Break, so while the kids are enjoying some time with Mimi & Popow, I'm able to rest & get back to normal, which has included Netflix & laundry!
Today I wanted to share Three Things that each of the Hensley bunch is either up to or loving...


1. Stephen is the KING of all trash-talking! I mean, he loves a good trash-talking session, and he takes no prisoners when it comes to trash-talking. I had to settle him down a little during our post-season tournament. I had to explain to him that if you can't back up the talk, then you gotta be quiet!
2. He's smart as a whip. He still lacks a little organization (that we're working on), but the boy is smart. He's set some pretty high expectations going into this school year, and he's putting in the work to reach those goals.
3. Eleven is proving to be a tricky year for all of us to navigate. He's mature, yet still immature at times. He struggles with finding his place because he's not little like his siblings, but he's not an adult either. He finally moved up to the middle school church group, and this has been the biggest help, because it's provided him a space that is entirely separate from the "babies." Anyone else struggling in these preteen years?!


1. This brown-eyed beauty has been anxiously awaiting 3rd grade, and even though there are struggles every day, he's getting the hang of it. It helps that his teacher is incredible. She's kind & patient, and she's exactly who Carson needs. He's still the hardest worker I know.
2. Farm-living is the life for him. This boy demands going to the farm to check and feed the cows almost every day, and helping Poppy & Joe is his favorite past time. He's not afraid of the hard work that taking care of cattle requires. 
3. Kids everywhere literally flock to him. He just has the magic with all the kids. I often brag about this boy's heart, but I cannot say enough for how incredible he is. He is the best kind of friend there is, and because of his heart, personality, and humor he's just a magnet for everyone. Everyone pretty much loves our sweet, beautiful boy!


1. Nataleigh is currently rocking that Kindergarten life. Even though she loves her teacher, friends, and everyone at her school, she misses her mama, and I'm not even going to lie that I love that! She has learned already so much, and I'm so impressed with how far she's already grown.
2. Cheer season is her favorite, and she's excited that she's moved up to the 'big girl tumbling class,' but she misses her besties! Thankfully they all do the hour of cheer together. She recently got her back walkover, and I shared it over on my Instagram account ( @britthensley)! She's now working at a back handspring and different tumbling patterns!
3. She currently wants to be a mermaid when she grows up, and I don't dare tell her otherwise! I love her big imagination!

{Joe + Britt}

1. Oh we are loving the small-group life! Joe was asked to teach a Bible study that our church is going through this Fall, and it just so happens to be from one of our favorite books of the Bible...James! It's so fun having a little group of people to encourage and grow with you in the Word, and we have the sweetest little life group!
2. We are far, far from perfect, but goodness, we are each other's biggest cheerleaders & champions! I know he is always in my corner!
3. Listen, our Vols are stinking it up some kind of big this season, but we are still #AllVol & proud of it! I know Tennessee fans everywhere say this every other year, but we are rebuilding. #VFL

Life is so good for the Hensleys, and we are entering this season with hearts full of gratitude & thanks! I love these little posts so much to see how we are all changing and growing, and it allows me to reflect on how good God's been to me!

I know it's not November yet, but what are you thankful for?!
Grace, Mercy, and the love of these people are just a few things that I'm most thankful for right now!

Happy Wednesday



  1. Oh my goodness. I am ready for a little downtime. Life is down right crazy over here but you just gave me hope that I will catch up on life soon! I am so glad you all can have a little down time and yay for you all being each other's biggest cheerleaders. I would literally be lost without Scott :)

    1. 😍😍love my man, big! And there will be a season in our lives where we’ll miss the busyness, and it’ll be here too fast.

  2. Hey Mama, yes, preteen years. Hormone crazy, back chat, arguing over simple requests, trying to get them away from gaming... prepare for 12... You are all such a loving, supportive family - a great crew. Loved the fam photo! J xx

    1. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Oy vey! I mean, I couldn’t resist sharing a silly picture! 🤣😂