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Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {10.15.18}

Hey guys!!
We had a wonderful Fall weekend, and the temperatures were actually very Fall-esque!
{praise hands everywhere}
We wrapped up a pretty-low key Fall Break, and the kiddos go back to school today.

Today I'm sharing a little of what our weekend looked like. It had a bit of everything...cows, crowns, and church!


We started our weekend by watching Princess Eugenie get married! She looked so elegant, and the couple just looked giddy as all get out.
Catherine Middleton's outfit was my favorite...hands down!

I love how most of the guests chose gem tones & more fall inspired pieces, and it really made for a beautiful wedding!

We then ran some quick errands, and Nataleigh & I headed to our favorite grocery store, where they have the cutest little buggies!
And she of course needed one.
Her buggy was full of desserts, of course, that we took to Mim & Poppy's house!

Then we grabbed the quickest lunches at the Mall's food court.
Anyone else just love popping it over to the food court because you just don't want to listen to one of our kids complain because they were out-voted?!

Food court to the rescue!!

Then we ran to the farm where Joe, Poppy, and the babies cut cedars & checked on the cattle!
My grandmother has dementia, so someone has to stay with her. I cherish the time with her!
I made a big ole pot of chili, and we enjoyed those cakes that Nataleigh picked out earlier!!


The boys headed to the cattle market Saturday morning, and then they ate lunch at Fazoli's!
How awesome is Jojo for snapping these pictures for me!

While they were out and about, Nataleigh & I rocked our ORANGE proudly!
And it worked because we pulled off a HUGE upset over Auburn, and I think every Tennessee fan is still on cloud 9!
"Rocky Top, You'll always be Home Sweet Home to ME!!"

Later that evening, Nataleigh & I headed to a local prelim for the Miss Tennessee pageant!
 Tennessee's NAM Princess
 Nataleigh had so much fun cheering on her buddies!

 fake smile on fleek?!

 She met the current Miss Tennessee, Christine Williamson!
And sweet Mary Humphrey, Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen. She was such a doll, and Nataleigh was completely in love with her!
It was a late night, so we both pretty much crashed as soon as we got home and washed our faces.


Sunday Funday with my best dressed babes!
And of course a silly picture for the road!

Joe preached at one of our favorite churches ever, and y'all, it was one of his best sermons ever. If you know us and our testimonies, then you know just how special the book of James is to our family, and Joe preached from James 1! It was such a great time with some old friends of our's worshiping together! God is good, all the time!

Nat and I headed to a birthday party at a local trampoline park, and she had a BLAST!
I mean, her hair has completely fallen down from all the jumping, flipping, and ninja warrioring!
Happy birthday sweet Annika!

Then we got the quickest of naps before heading to our life group!

We dove deeper into Matt Chandler's study of James, and I love this group of people that we are growing with!

We ended our weekend with our baby sitters, Abby & Jojo letting our babies chase ducks!!

We even caught them!
I guess when you have life group on a gorgeous little farm, you catch ducks!!

Anyone else super excited about this news?!!
Baby Girl Sussex is my prediction!!
I read about some of the early odds makers, and they are saying Samantha is an early favorite!
I love all this royal news!


  1. Are you sure that was a week-end and not a WEEK? Blimey girl - you pack it in! I love that your boys go to the cattle market - I bet they are dying to get working on that farm! One of C's best bud's Dads has a farm and C wants to start working there during lambing season - I am all for it. Better than being indoors at the hotel! N looks fab for Miss Tennessee - and how stunning is the grown up Miss T? She should have won Miss America! Beatrice' looked amazing for her wedding. Like you, the Duchess of Cambs looked the best - I am amazed by how clean her shoes soles are - I wonder if she literally wears a new pair every couple of days! I am betting a girl for the Sussexes too - she is hardly showing so I reckon girl all the way! Great post - J xx

    1. My boys love the farm life, and I love that they do love it so much. It’s such a special place for me, and now I get these same memories with them. The bonus is that they are outside ‘working,’ but it’s really fun!

  2. You know I am so excited about the royal baby news! People said they could tell but I couldn't. I just love the royals and what a fun weekend you had :)

  3. One, I love all the fall goodness in this post. Two, I WISH we had a mall...or a food court for that matter. Three, I love that your kids chased a goose around, you can't beat that! Four, what a great weekend that was full of fun and family! Love it!