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Monday, October 22, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {10.22.2018}

Another weekend just flew by...anyone else?!

We spent a lot of this weekend on the road, and while I'm not complaining about it at all, I just definitely am not ready for it to be Monday morning.

I need a solid day sometime between Saturday & Sunday in this season of life!

Friday was Community Helpers day at the kiddos' school, so Nataleigh decided to dress up like a Veterinarian! She was darling toting her stuffed kitty and stethoscope along with her all day!

Yes! She's wearing, technically, a Christmas dress from Matilda Jane, but it has kitty cats on them. Along with the matching tights that had a kitty cat on the knees, it was too perfect for a cute little future vet to wear!

Joe & I headed back to the school later to see the kids as they got to participate in their different EPIC celebrations. Their school has big celebrations for kids who show great behavior throughout the 9-week period. This 9 weeks they had a little Fall Festival complete with a hay ride, mazes, face painting, and a kickball tournament for the middle schoolers!

We spotted our cute little Kindergartener with some buddies as the firefighters were there talking to them about being a firefighter, and they even got a little tour of the truck!!
We then spotted our favorite 3rd grader as he was watching the kickball tournament!
Love my middle man so big!

The middle schoolers compete throughout the school year in houses. It's kind of like a fraternity/Harry Potter themed competition, and he is loving it! As you can see, a couple of his buddies are in a different house, but they have so much fun competing against each other. The kiddos, 5th-8th grade, are all drafted into different houses, and Theta House is our favorite! They earn points for good behavior, good grades, finishing well during competitions like the kickball tournament, and it just fosters a healthy competitive spirit! Stephen's house finished 3rd, but they were in 1st going into the day. We'll have to see where that 3rd place finish puts them!!

Saturday we headed over the mountain to Asheville for a little family reunion!

And thankfully Mimi snapped a couple of pictures for us!
I love doing life with these crazy people!!

Joe & I then headed to South Carolina where Joe officiated a wedding for a couple from our last church. 
But first, coffee!
And don't you just love when Starbucks spells your name wrong!
It was a beautiful ceremony, and we got to see several people from that church. It was a big blessing to both of us to see so many familiar faces & to catch up. It has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride since leaving that church, but God has been glorified through the adventure!

We then met up with a sweet couple for about an hour, just because! We didn't get back home until after 1 a.m., but it was totally worth it to see sweet friends for just a little bit!

Sunday, the kiddos headed to church with Mimi & Popow while Joe & I headed to church here. Joe was preaching at the same church that he did last week, so it was great to see more of our favorite church family members. It was also great having a little extra just me & JOJO time, even though 90% of our time was spent driving here, there, and everywhere!
I just love my best friend so dang much!!

We ended our weekend with pizza & football & scrambling to get the kids' outfits ready for Spirit Week!

Wacky Tacky Tourist is today, and they look so cute, even if it's FREEZING!
I think Tennessee has skipped Fall, because it's so cold, y'all!!

Happy Monday, friends!!



  1. What a great weekend. You have the cutest little vet! That is so neat about the different houses in middle school. I bet it is so fun to see your man preach! Have a happy happy week!

    1. It’s so fun being able to watch him preach again. It’s been quite the rollercoaster for us both figuring out where God is leading us as far as ministry goes, but it’s adventure we love too! God is so, so good!

  2. Sounds like such a fun but busy weekend :) I love that your school does that. We love HP so Solon would be all over that!

    1. It has been the best thing ever. They are competing for the House Cup and everything! Eek..hopefully Theta House brings it home!

  3. Hey BRETT! That is going to stick now!! Nataleigh's mini-vet photo has to be my favourite ever - it is truly heart-meltingly cute! All of your kids are adorable and they always look so happy! Great idea from the school though. Ours do houses too, but they are quite stuffy and don't do anywhere near as much fun stuff. Hope you got that break this week! Joanne x