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Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {10.29.2018}

Good Morning, friends!!

We had a simply wonderful weekend, and I would just like to have a redo, because it was so good!

Let's get right into recapping this weekend!


We wrapped up Red Ribbon Week (I shared all about our super cute dress-up days) by wearing our school shirts! Nataleigh also had a pumpkin parade where she decorated a pumpkin based off one of her favorite books, and she picked her princess stories book!
Pink + a tiara make for a pretty, perfectly Nataleigh pumpkin!

Joe & I headed to the farm to check on Mim & Poppy! While there we noticed that Carson's cow had gotten so dirty, and she just didn't care one bit!

While the boys headed to basketball practice, Nataleigh & I met up with my mama & some of our friends from New York!
We ate at Cheddars with Joe, Cinda, and Letia. We met the Hances when we lived in South Dakota while my dad was stationed in the Air Force, and we've remained friends since! Almost 30 years later, it's fun watching my mom pick right back up with her sweet friends!!
We got the kiddos in bed, and I watched most of game 3 of the World Series! This game was one for the ages. It went 18 innings...lasted 7 hours & 20 minutes..and it's now the longest postseason game in major league history. My Sox came out of that marathon game on the short end, and I only made it to the 13th inning because it was after 2 a.m. on the East Coast.


Staying up to watch most of that game was not my best decision. We were all up early on Saturday because Stephen had a basketball tournament locally, and his first game was at 10 am. I think I'm still yawning from not sleeping enough!
Hey cutie!!
My favorite Swarm Boy getting ready to tip-off game 1!
This was a loooooong day for the Swarm. We have a lot of new faces, so it was a rough start to the travel season. It will get better for us, and the improvement from the first game to the last Saturday was incredible.
I can't wait to see how far this little team goes!!

This girl snapped some sweet & silly pictures with me, and I just love her!!
It was a long day for all of us, but especially this little bug. She was such a trooper at the gym all day, but she just couldn't hang on the way home!

We then watched my poor Vols play an awesome first half of a football game, but they just couldn't finish in the second half! 

{Story of every Vols life}
And while flipping between the Tennessee game & Game 4 of the World Series, this super sports fan was just done because every team I loved was losing & not playing well!

You know what never fails a person?!
Hallmark Christmas movies!!
I started flipping between Hallmark & the World Series, and somehow the Red Sox managed to rally back to win Game 4...thankfully the game didn't go into extra innings!


We headed to church where the service was just so, so good!

We were all running around like crazy rounding up kiddos & helping set up for our church's annual Barntober Fest that was happening later that day/evening!

I had to run to the grocery store to grab the stuff for my famous chili, and I was just praying we could grab a little nap before we headed back to church for all the fun!
Jojo snapped this before letting them loose!

Our church had set up inflatables, corn hole boards, a maze, a hay ride, a petting zoo (with a unicorn), and several craft stations.
I could barely keep up with the boys because they were playing all the football & all the basketball with their friends! Nataleigh, however, was super excited to let me hang with her!

Cutest little puppy I have ever seen!
Painting pumpkins!

 She's dying for a bunny now! 
She literally spent almost the whole time just holding all the bunnies all the time!
The unicorn was just magical. Her name is Pearl, and she was my favorite!!

We then headed into the Grand Barn for chili, cornbread, and all the pie!

We wrapped up our time at church together in such a beautiful worship service. This was one of the sweetest services I've ever been a part of, and I'm still in awe of the goodness & sweetness of God. I just cannot adequately put into words what all happened, but it was so good. If you are local, then you need to find a time to join us, and if you aren't local, then you need to download our church's app, so you can listen to the messages online!

We wrapped up our weekend with showers for all (petting zoo) & snuggles while watching my Red Sox win the World Series. The best team in baseball wrapped up an incredible postseason, and I'm so proud to be a Sox fan!
Go Sox Go!

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Looks like a busy and fun-filled weekend! And Hallmark Christmas? Why yes please!! haha!

  2. I have to ask how you picked the Red Sox? Are your family originally from there? I once had a White Sox Baseball shirt that I wore for about 15 years. Love the idea of baseball and would love to go to a game (never did, even at TAMU - I am such an idiot). It is fab that your church does so many kids activities! Love the bunny pics and the unicorn (I knew they were real haha ;)). Are you going to cave in at some point and buy her a bunny? Those look HUGE by the way!! J xx

    1. No bunnies in our future, but if she works it enough, Joe may cave, one day! Ha I’ve been a Red Sox fan since forever. My dad was a Yankees fan, so naturally I chose their mega rival to love. Joe and I met in 2004, and after they broke the Curse of the Bambino that year, we knew we were meant to be. 🤣😂

  3. How did I miss the fact that you are a Red Sox fan, congrats. What a world series. I only watch baseball during it, ha! Sounds like you had the best weekend. Praying for N and good answers!

    1. Eek! I have loved the Red Sox forever. I just don’t love baseball that much because it’s such a slower sport. Ha it was quite the year for Sox fans.

  4. I love the Barn-tober! How fun is that?!?! I love this time of year. You all had a wonderful weekend. I am so excited that Hallmark Christmas is back! :) Happy week Mama!

    1. Barntober was just the best! And yay, for all the Hallmark movies. They are officially my favorite.