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Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {10.8.18}

Volleyball is officially over, and it was such a heart-breaking end to a fun, wild season. We finished third in the conference, but we fought tooth & nail all the way through the last game that went to 5 sets. The match really could have gone either way!

This was my first weekend without volleyball in a solid 2.5 months, so much of it was spent doing absolutely nothing! It was also the start of the kids' Fall Break, so we all kind of needed a relaxing weekend!

Friday we got our October Bow Box from One Stop Bow Shop, and we couldn't wait to break it open & snap some pictures!
{More of these later, but you will want this box & all of it's Fall perfection}

And then we did N-O-T-H-I-N-G y'all!
We took naps until it was time for Joe to head to a wedding rehearsal that he was officiating the next day. While he was gone, I ordered some of our favorite salads & grabbed the kiddos a pizza for dinner.
Cobb Salad + Pimento-Bacon cheese deviled eggs from Bristol Cafe & Market!

And I wrapped up my Friday by washing my washing machine..
We do a lot of laundry in the Hensley house, so our washer needs washing occasionally, too!

Saturday we went to the farm for some Mim & Poppy time. The kiddos were excited because over the last couple of weeks we've added some new baby calves to the farm, and they couldn't wait to see & name them all!

We hurried home to get ready for a beautiful wedding that like I said earlier, Joe was officiating.
 My Fall babes!

 cutest wedding dates ever!
Hubba Hubba, hottie!
This man has officiated so many weddings, and it's still such a fun honor for us to celebrate with the couples and family. He has another wedding in a couple of weeks, and in my opinion, he just does such a great job!!
At dinner of course these boys would get rival sodas, right?!

Sunday we headed to church...
And you know, if it's going to be in the upper 80s in October, then we are going to keep on wearing our adorable Summer dresses! I found this adorable Vineyard Vines dress at TJ Maxx, and I couldn't stop myself!

We wrapped up a nice, relaxing weekend back up on the farm with Mim & Poppy!
More cows & babies were delivered, and these kiddos just love every second spent up at the farm!

We have a super low-key Fall Break planned. It's tough for me, with my volleyball schedule to plan any trips for this week, because we really should still be playing volleyball in my mind! We are using this week to recharge!

Happy Monday!



  1. Britt I had no idea that Joe could marry people! Does he do wedding vow renewals too? Your fam looked so adorable at the wedding - the boys are so smart - isn't it cute when they get like that (I have a child who hates doing his hair or washing). You must be enjoying the rest after volleyball - but well done in taking your team so far! I'd actually love some 80 degree weather now - I just did a dog walk with two sweaters, a thick jacket and gloves - it was mean and windy. Hope you have a great week - Joanne x

    1. Yes! He can officiate any ceremony, and it’s super fun.