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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

California Trip Part 2

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I started sharing a little yesterday about our Wild West Thanksgiving HERE, and I really just shared a little about getting out to Anaheim. Today, I'm going to start sharing a little more about our days at the National American Miss pageant & the fun we had in Anaheim!

Starting with Saturday...
 We officially got this cutie checked into the pageant!!

 But of course, not before a few silly pictures & twirls!!
She was so excited to see all the Christmas decorations, and this tree was her favorite!
 She was crushing these heels big time!!
And she even ran into one of her sister queens, Jehryeia!!
She's the Junior Preteen, and Nataleigh had a blast with her.

We then had a Representing the Crown class where she got paired up with a sister swap princess, Mia Bella. Mia is from Mississippi, and she and her mom were amazing!
These two hit it off big!!

After the class, Nataleigh took a quick nap because jet lag is for real, and she had a big NEON party to go to that night.
 The boys enjoyed dinner on our patio!
His & Her's!
Pinapple & ham for me, and peppers and ham for Jojo!!
We met up with another sister queen, Callie, and she walked out of Cali with the National Cover Miss title!! Go Callie!!
The Starbucks in the hotel had cake pops with little crowns on the specially for the girls that week, and my favorite princess needed one!


The girls had a blast together at all the themed rehearsals, but this party was particularly fun & bright!

Sunday morning we were up and at 'em early because it was the Princesses day at DisneyLand!

Walking into the most magical place on Earth!
 Literally as soon as we walked into the park, they had all the main characters out for pictures, and we waited for Minnie Mouse!

 This girl loves Minnie Mouse!
 So did this boy!
And I think Minnie may have had a little crush on Stephen. She plopped a BIG ole kiss on him as soon as he walked up.
The Hensleys were super excited about celebrating Minnie's 90th birthday with her. We had no clue it was their birthdays, but they had buttons & all kinds of celebrations for Mickey & Minnie's 90th!
The Kings of LA!
{totally opposite sports loves, but aren't they handsome!?}
We went house hunting at Aurora's castle!

One super cool thing that NAM does is that they take one big huge picture of all the girls in an age group in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. They basically shut down the park for us, and the picture is precious to us!

I mean, truly magical!
The girls even swooned over nasty Gaston!!

While we were busy snapping princess pictures, the boys headed to ride a couple of rides.
Star Tours was a HUGE hit, and then we met up with them at Space Mountain, where Nataleigh rode in the front seat because she's super brave!

While in line for Space Mountain, nice people behind us told us about DisneyLand's fast passes, so we ordered them immediately! Then while in line for Space Mountain, we made our reservations for Buzz's AstroBlasters! The wait was over 90 minutes, and we basically walked right onto the ride!

And I'm not one to brag normally, but i totally whooped Stephen!
Carson wanted to ride by himself, so he was guaranteed a win!
Silly boy.
We grabbed a quick lunch between Frontierland & the French Market.
And I stole a selfie with my favorite fella!

After lunch, we rode more rides & snapped some silly pictures together.

We all took turns trying to pull Excalibur from the stone!

And we rode the Carousel with Belle & Mary Poppins!

 It was simply a magical day, and I just love the memories we made. We called it a pretty early night because we were all exhausted...exhausted, but so happy.

I've been to both DisneyLand and Disney World, and what I will say is that I think the rides are more fun and adventurous at Disney World. The magic, however, is so much more at Disneyland. We ran into so many characters who were just amazing. We watched Tiana sail on a Riverboat. We watched Ariel and Belle twirl away from the Evil Queen in Toon Town. The marching bands were ah-mazing and beyond words. I will also say that this trip to Disney Land only has made me desperately want to take my kids and hubby to Disney World.

That was our first two full days in California, and they were jam-packed. I'll continue sharing all about the rest of our Thanksgiving week, including a BIG surprise for my sweet little ones. 



  1. So much goodness in this post. What a fun day at Disney and I love that all the characters were lined up ready to meet the Princess's. Also, love that your hotel had cakepop's with crowns, what a special touch. Your boys look like they had so much fun too!

  2. What an amazing first few days. I think the whole family will remember these sweet memories forever! I love seeing your face in a few photos my friend ;)