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Friday, November 30, 2018

California Trip Part 4

If you've been following this blog this week, then you know I've been sharing all about our incredible trip to California.

If you've missed any posts, then catch up here...

Today, I'm wrapping up our trip!!

Thursday started super early with the Interview competition.

 This is where each girl goes table to table meeting and talking with each judge. 
After each girl went through, they brought them in to let the girls tell us what they just did, and it also allowed us parents to celebrate our girls. These interviews are part of the reason that I love pageants so much. Nataleigh, at 5-years old, already knows how to interview for the job of her dreams, and I'm so impressed with her and these sweet girls!
We then headed to the rose gold rehearsal, and she hung out with sweet Jayden from Alabama! This little girl was sweet & I could just brag on this little friendship that formed quickly all day long. 

Nana made Nataleigh the cutest little shirt that says, "doll face," and Nataleigh brought the sass!

Later that evening, we headed back to the ballroom for the car drawing.
YES! NAM gave away a Ford Mustang last week.
We met up with our Team Tennessee girls!!
And then after we didn't win the car, we headed outside for some power poses & pictures!

These girls represented Tennessee so well.
They are beautiful, smart, kind, and hard-working! I'm so proud to be a part of such a wonderful NAMILY!

The Hensleys + Nana headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Buca Di Beppo for a little Italian dinner!

Family style lasagna & chicken alfredo!!
So, so good!
{I just wish it had been my grandparents' turkey and fixings!}
My babes & the palms!!

Friday morning Nataleigh & I headed to her last rehearsal, the Disney-themed rehearsal.
She went as "Stinkerbell" and even ran into Tinkerbell!

At every rehearsal the choreographer, Miss Breanne, gave out 2 spirit sticks. Nataleigh was dying for one of these sticks. They were given to the girls who had a cute, themed costume, showed great effort, and who just had a lot of spirit and personality.

She walked out with a Spirit Stick, and y'all, she couldn't have been prouder of anything else!!

The hotel messed up our reservations, so we ended up having to change rooms. While we waited on the new room, we hung out poolside with homemade chips & cheese dip.
It was then time to get ready for the Finale.

This cute little bug stole the show dancing and grooving up there. Unfortunately, she didn't make Top 10, but goodness she made Tennessee & her family so proud. She held her head high & she congratulated her friend from Day 1, Mia Bella, as she won the title!
No joke she looked like the most perfect little princess doll up there, and I got so many texts and messages of our friends and family watching and yelling and cheering their girl on!

We all decided that we needed comfort food!!
Yes sir!!
We were big fans of these burgers!!

We hit the hay early, because our flight was super early!

These boys had a blast flying together, and Nataleigh slept nearly the entire flight!
We hit a major tailwind that shaved almost an hour off our air time!!
And we enjoyed the view from above the clouds as we headed back to Tennessee.

Our trip was full of love, family, and so much magic. I'm still trying to process everything that happened, and I hope to share some of the major life lessons that last week taught me! I am, however, still learning from that week in Los Angeles.

Happy Weekend, friends!!

How magical was your Thanksgiving week?!


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